It is no hyperbole that at AVM, students put in a lot of sweat both in academics and extracurricular activities and in turn, take precious, indelible memories with them. The stunning results in the board examinations every year that assure them of promising avenues for higher studies both in India and abroad speak loudly for themselves. What could be the leading force that allows them to tap their potential into reaching great heights? Where do they get their traits of rendering seva and togetherness from? That too in the midst of distractions from social media? Surely, some superpower is with them and in them, that is the blessings of Param Pujya Swamishree. What if every new academic year opens with new roles, new responsibilities along with new challenges and new commitments? The more the tasks emerge, the more the energy arises among the bhoolkus to carry them out.  One such evidence was the forming of the Student Council and the Investiture Ceremony of the academic year 2023-24 – a weeklong gala.

The day that flashed the announcement of the Student Council elections sparked up a lot of jubilation and anticipation among the students. The aspiring contestants had been in thrill and curiosity about their nominations on the one side, and the teachers and the house conveners in unison had been seriously scrutinizing the candidates for the various designations on the other side. While good credentials both in academics and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities were essential, upholding the school’s value system counted the most in the selection and they were truly reflected on the nomination list. What took place next was the nominees keeping themselves busy preparing their campaign speeches and politely approaching their senior students, house conveners, and subject teachers for further suggestions. In the next week, from Monday to Saturday, the campaigning hogged the whole morning assembly with four nominees each day to appeal to their voters such as their teachers, housemasters, and housemates with their ambitious speeches. In a nutshell, all their speeches echoed the same idea that they were only passionate about being role-models and rendering service to the students’ community, no matter whether they won or lost.

The auditorium emanated vibes of voting protocols with electronic voting machines, overseers, and even election ink. And it was assured that no voter missed their precious right. The election results were declared with the winners onto the stage amidst the ripples of applause in the morning assembly on the following day. The new school Head Boy, Sudarshanbhai Patel took the headship and concluded the assembly.

Though the two candidates for each designation were zealous about carrying out seva, the blessings of Swamishree were thus felt in the results: Sudarshanbhai, class 11 Science as Head Boy, Vijaybhai Mehta, class 10 as Vice Head Boy, Abhaybhai Patel, class 10 as Sports Captain. Likewise, Satyam House has been blessed with Aatmanbhai Patel, class 10 as Captain, and Tanishbhai Madaliya, class 8 as Vice Captain, and Shivam House with Atmiyabhai Sutaria, class 10 as Captain, and Naitikbhai Gajera, class 8 as Vice Captain, and Sundaram House with Ashishbhai Patel, class 10 as Captain and Purvbhai Tank, class 8 as Vice Captain, and Suhradam House with Vedantbhai Solanki, class 10 as Captain and Swastikbhai Patel, class 8 as Vice captain.

The Investiture Ceremony, the first formal event of the current academic year took place on 26th June, 2023 in the AVM Prarthana Mandir and the newly-elected members were formally entrusted with their duties and responsibilities by their respective house conveners. All the children were present in great enthusiasm to witness the whole programme with their teachers in their respective sashes. The event kicked off on a spiritual note with the Thakorji’s poojan that was followed by the newly elected student council members’ rhythmic march-past. The Student Council members along with the house Prefects were bedecked with the badges by their house conveners. To spice up the ceremony with music, the Atmiyans under the guidance of Himanshu Sir showcased their talents in songs that were really easy on the ear. Next was the oath-taking ceremony. The designated student council members took charge of their posts with an oath administered by our beloved Vijay Sir. The inaugural speech of our Head Boy, Sudarshanbhai, was indeed, short but sharp. To crown the occasion, the speech that was given by our principal Vijay Sir to remind the Council members of their roles and responsibilities was for all the bhoolkus as well, since everyone was on the committed path to success. The school song concluded the memorable event.

What could be fitting to give a conclusion about the success of the event – either the Atmiyans’ earnest faith in bhajan and prayer or the unconditional mercy of Swami Shreeji? The symbiosis could be a humble response.


Satyam House


Captain: Aatmanbhai Patel

Vice Captain: Tanishbhai Madaliya



Shivam House


Captain: Atmiyabhai Sutaria

Vice Captain: Naitikbhai Gajera



Sundaram House


Captain: Ashishbhai Patel

Vice Captain: Purvbhai Tank



Suhradam House


Captain: Vedantbhai Solanki

Vice Captain: Swastikbhai Patel



Sports Captain Abhaybhai Patel 10
Vice Head Boy Vijaybhai Mehta 10
Head Boy Sudarshanbhai Patel 11

Written by: Bhagya Patel, Tanmay Parmar (Grade 11)

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