The AVM Math Circle is a community of junior Mathematicians of AVM who get together to learn and explore the world of Mathematics. In the activities held by the Circle, students get to enhance and explore the knowledge of mathematics, in and out of the syllabus.

During this academic year, students had 19 sessions of Math Circle. Each session began with warm ups. These warm ups helped their minds become ready to explore new things with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm. Students felt like that made many synapses which enhanced their thinking ability.

One of the many things that students learned in Math Circle this year was solving the Handshake Problem that helped them think out of the box. They came to know that the same problem can be solved using different strategies. They also enjoyed solving Tangram Puzzles that is known to improve thinking skills and even boost their decision-making skills. Students explored problem solving with detailed learning of mainly two strategies – Drawing a Diagram and Backward Thinking. This has surely helped them push their application level. The Kenken Puzzle and Matchstick Puzzle solving sessions were really a lot of fun where students learned how to think critically and use different techniques to solve such puzzles. These puzzles helped them to do brain storming which sharpens their brain and increases their reasoning ability. The Cryptography sessions pulled students excitement and enjoyment to a higher level. They had a lot of fun in encryption and decryption of different cyphers using Caesar Cipher, Atbash Cipher, Keyword Cipher, and Pigpen Cipher.

The heart pumping challenges of class competitions organized by teachers were the most unforgettable moments. To celebrate the learnings of the year, one such friendly and healthy Jeopardy competition was held between 5 groups of Math Circle students. The hosts of the competition were Dipika Ma’am and Lopa Ma’am. Ashish Sir and many other teachers came to encourage students. Students got involved eagerly and enthusiastically in the game. The tricky questions and the rules of the competition increased the enthusiasm of the competition. As students worked in groups, they learnt to accept the others’ opinions with healthy discussions.

Hence, the AVM Math Circle has been a such an effective platform, offering students learning with fun to further develop their interest and abilities in Mathematics.

Dipika Ma’am