Speak well, as the term implies, means to communicate efficiently. This programme helps young students to speak openly and boldly, without hesitation.

Speak well is a program that provides a forum for the students from first to third grades to improve their English-speaking abilities. It is a prime opportunity for each child to enhance their verbal English.

During this period, the students learn various tales, dialogues, music, compositions, puzzles, and jokes, among other things. They either enact their subjects or learn to talk with proper intonation and expression. It makes learning English more exciting, and it also helps them put what they acquire during English lessons into practice.

This action cannot be handled solely by one person. Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 assist their younger siblings under the supervision of instructors. They are the observers, they monitor, control and encourage them to master all of these tales, compositions, lyrics, etc. This recreation takes place on Sunday evenings.

The school holds a speaking challenge at the conclusion of the academic year. The children enthusiastically grasp their themes and showcase them in the competition. The evaluators evaluate the children’s speaking abilities, such as fluency and assurance, and select the eventual winners. The champions of the competition are then awarded their prizes.

Speak well is an interesting activity in which children acquire basic speaking skills and expand their lexicon. It helps them to conquer their stage fright.

India is going to be a global economic hub in the world and will require good communicators. So, Atmiya Vidya Mandir is helping to nurture and lay the founding stones for these young minds to become future leaders.