What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand

The government’s New Education Policy institutes authentic hands-on experiential learning opportunities where students can enhance their innate potentialities, unleash talents and harbour skills. Experience makes one’s learning more intellectual, and prominent. While textual knowledge gives us a basic understanding, exploring real life applications help us to get deeper insights of the topic. To endorse the vibrant educational policy of the Centre, class 8 students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir embarked on a journey with great fervour to visit the manufacturing Industries.

The journey kicked off at 8:30 am on 14th Feb 2023. The students showed great exhilaration to commence the journey. First on the agenda was to visit the spine of the industries that are workers. We were taken to eyewitness the settlement of these people. We were surprised to see that one can really live life with fewer facilities and more satisfaction. Here we interviewed the chief of their community. After that, the journey continued to one of Asia’s oldest sugar-producing unit, the Madhi Sugar Factory. We were welcomed with light snacks and then proceeded to visit the industry. We were allowed to gather information regarding the functioning of the factory (from the raw materials to the final product). Students also interviewed some workers to know about their working conditions such as perks and benefits for the employees, medical allowances, sanitation, sick leaves, increments, promotions, etc. Although the factory was huge and equipped with advanced technology, they still allowed us to witness it from nearby. Their responses to our questions were also quite affirmative. This experience was very insightful for us. One can understand that to achieve the heights of glory and to sustain a top position in the market, the magic mantra is hard work, determination and dedication. This has been proven by Shree Madhi Vibhag Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandli Ltd., being indomitable time and again.

We then headed towards the evergreen Sumul Dairy. The dairy was well maintained by its very learned staff and trained workers. We witnessed a short presentation regarding the history, progress and success of the Dairy. Their objective was to achieve self-sufficiency in the White Revolution by producing the best nutritious fodder for the animals catering to every age, animal group etc. Sumul Dairy is on its way towards accomplishing its pipeline dream of being resilient to a resurgence. We learnt that ‘with strong determination one can achieve impossible possible’.

After the visit to Sumul Dairy concluded, we had a mouth-watering meal followed by an appetizing desert.

We further continued our expedition by visiting the museum of the ‘Iron Man of India’ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, in Bardoli, at around 1:30 pm. There we got to know all the historic events that occurred when Sardar Patel resided in Bardoli. It also showcased his life’s cherished moments.

The last on our agenda of the day was to explore the operations of Dhanodhar Textile mill. The unit was worth visiting and the experience turned out to be rewarding for us. We were informed about the process of dyeing of the clothes. We were invited to the auditorium where the company director himself quenched our curiosity by responding to our questions. We were contented with the witty and wise replies from the experienced dignitary. With the help of knowledgeable guides, we explored the processing units of dyeing clothes. We learnt that to reach the zenith one should live with ethos and commitment. We departed with enriching experiences and elated faces.

The field trip was very inspiring. We gained the appreciation that our glorious nation is filled with immense talents and skills contributing to making Bharat Atmanirbhar in the era of Amrit Kaal.

Written by: Sahaj Y. Rohit, Daksh G. Ghoghari, Preet M. Narola (Class 8B)