Handball is a sport, which requires a good deal of athletic skills, promotes teamwork, and increases fitness and coordination. It is one very exciting sport played at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. After quite a few years, the interhouse handball competition was conducted and that created all the more excitement and enthusiasm for the joyous event.

In this competition, a total of 96 students participated, divided into 2 groups, the Sub-Junior, and Junior groups. Both the groups were newcomers to this competition, who got rigorously trained for the event, within a span of 3 weeks, under the guidance of Kalpesh Sir, Mahesh Sir, and Himanshu Sir.

In the Sub-Junior group, the first match took place between the Satyam House and the Shivam House. With a stellar performance, the Shivam House made it to the final with a winning score of 5-12. The second match was between the Sundaram House and the Suhradam House. A last-minute goal snatched victory from the Suhradam House. The score ended up being 5-4. The third-place match then took place between the houses that lost in round 1, the Satyam House and the Suhradam House. Eventually, Satyam House got the third place. The final was between Shivam House and Sundaram House in which, Sundaram House team managed to bring a wide smile on the faces of all their house members. Neevbhai’s exceptional performance led Shivam House to the final, top scoring with 13 goals in 2 matches.

The Junior group brought more breath-taking performances. The first match was between the Sundaram House and the Suhradam House. The match resulted in Suhradam House being victorious and making a place in the finals. The second match was between the Satyam House and the Shivam House teams. It was a comfortable match for Shivam House to win, scoring 18 goals compared to 11 goals from Satyam House. The third-place match was between the Sundaram House and the Satyam House. It proved difficult for the Sundaram House to match the score by the daunting opponents and hence, Satyam House won with a score of 22-16. The grand finale was between the boys in orange against the boys in blue. A phenomenal performance from Shivam House led them to the trophy with a tight score of 19-22. Abhay Bhai remained the highest goal scorer, scoring 15 goals in 2 matches.

The dramatic week ended with Shivam House on the top of the table with 18 points, followed by the Sundaram House with 14 points. The rest 2 houses equalized with 12 points in third place.

Written by: Abhay R Patel (Grade 9)