Atmiya Vidya Mandir (AVM) is a unique school as its goal is to not only bring its students forward educationally, but also spiritually. Also, it is blessed by our dearest GuruHari Param Pujya Swamishree, who tries to encourage all His students to speak in English. So, He has blessed AVM with diligent teachers who give all their efforts to help uplift students’ souls.

One of all these teachers is our respected Saumya Ma’am. She is 6th Standard’s English Teacher and always comes up with spectacular ideas to teach her students better English. One of her marvellous ideas was to conduct a storytelling activity for 6th Standard. One of the main objectives of conducting this activity was to become a better story-teller.

The story telling activity was held on 7th February and on 14th February in Hari Aaradhan-1, Param Hostel. It was held in the presence of respected Prajval Sir, Swayam Ma’am and all English teachers. The students eagerly waited to share their story.

The activity began with a prayer to God to bless us with the quality of a good story-teller. Then all of our dear friends started narrating their stories with their properties. After that, our dearest Prajval Sir shared an incident about Abraham Lincoln. He added that to be a good story-teller we must read and read lots of books.

The occasion ended with Saumya Ma’am explaining the benefits of storytelling. Finally, everyone departed with the satisfaction and joy of participation. A great outcome was that students overcame their stage fear that boosted their confidence. They also learnt to speak with expression, voice modulation, proper intonations, and learning moral values from stories. From then onwards, they decided to try to implement the learnings and teachings of this activity in their daily lives.

Reported by: Amaap Patel & Ashish Kursawe (Class 6)