On 9th February 2019, students of class 8 of Atmiya Vidya Mandir got an opportunity to witness the science that dwells in a sugar factory and in the complex tasks of a textile industry.

The day was shining bright and we were excited to experience the journey on a path yet waiting for travellers. Our first stop was Orna. There is a slum located nearby, where poor labourers live in huts made up of sticks. The simple villagers who could just afford two square meals a day welcomed us with beautiful smiles. From there, we went to the local hospital supported by Ayushman Bharat. Cleanliness of this hospital could seriously challenge that of any multispecialty hospital.

Thereafter, we made our way to Madhi Sugar Factory where we received a princely reception. The factory and its machinery fascinated us. We saw many trucks loaded with sugarcane entering the plant. An engineer showed us around the main sugar producing unit. This gave us a chance to see the whole procedure from extracting the juice from sugar cane to getting the final product – sugar. Gigantic machines work throughout the day and night. After a rigorous process, the final product is packed in fibre sacks and stored in enormous godowns.

Our next halt was the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial Museum in Bardoli. We witnessed many historical events from the life of the ‘Iron Man’ of India through the biographic accounts, sculptures, paintings and photographs of Sardar Patel.

After this extended, highly educative half day, we had a delicious lunch at Hotel Dayro. After enjoying the sumptuous meal, we were rejuvenated to visit textile industry.

In about thirty minutes, we reached the textile factory. We were eager to know how the cloth material was made. Engineers of the factory explained the whole process to us in a way that complemented all that we had learnt from the fibres and textiles related chapters in Social Studies and Science. We were fascinated to see the workers dyeing clothes in different shades. The quality of the product showed the dedication and hard work put in by the workers. We were mesmerised by the technology used in ironing the clothes. We left the factory with the impression of their striving for safety and quality.

At last, we had a surprise visit to a stunning farmhouse where we celebrated one of our friend’s birthdays, enjoyed swimming and delicious food.

Overall, it was an incredible trip for all of us!

Reported by: Om Patel, Parmesh Patel, Krishiv Davariya (Class 8)