Just about a quarter is left for the 10th graders to make one of the most important decisions of their life, which is to select their stream for high school based on their interest, strength and opportunities.

The time is also not far for class 12 students to graduate from school and choose their respective colleges/universities and degree programs. Deciding a career is difficult, but even more challenging is to choose the right college. We the students of AVM are fortunate to have constant guidance, help and support from our caring teachers and staff, who help us navigate to find the best options based on our strengths and choice. To add on to the efforts put in by the staff and teachers, Mr. Vikram Singh Tomar, Deputy Direction Admissions and Outreach of O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, came down to our school on 14th November.

‘Only dead fish swim with the stream’ was the quote with which the discussion began. The crowd is like a herd of sheep and we absolutely should not be one, Mr. Tomar said. He encouraged us to take the path of our choice rather than the one more popular.

Mr. Tomar claimed that before one decides on his choice, one must understand what he is good at, in order to make a sound decision. The student must explore his inner self to hunt for his inherent interests so that he can end up with the right choice. He warned us not to compare ourselves with others and reminded us that “You are you, and I am I.” Another important thing he suggested to us was to think of and identify more than one course/college options.

Analysing the society’s needs and expectations from his wide experience, he told that there are three things that people look at. Their confidence, communication skills and personality. Therefore one must focus on developing those.

On the subject of college admissions, he stated that after 12th, a student should keep in mind the following while in search of the right college:

  • faculty
  • research opportunities
  • affiliations
  • exchange programmes
  • infrastructure

He cautioned us not to get caught in the vicious rattrap of college life and fun, and encouraged us to keep academics as the most important priority.

Furthermore, he made us aware of the various degree options available at O P Jindal Global University under the aegis of different schools and the highly impressive faculty members that teach there.

All in all, his golden words resonated the guidance we get at AVM regarding careers and we felt fortunate to have had such an opportunity to interact with officials like him from leading universities of India.

Submitted by Aayush Sagar & Smit Lad (11th Commerce)