On 14th November 2017, Dinal Bhai (AVM Class of 2016), currently pursuing the IPM programme at IIM Indore, visited us and share with us his first year experiences at IIM. The session commenced at around 6:30 p.m. in the school’s auditorium, and was attended by students of classes 10th, 11th Commerce and 12th Commerce.

He started the session by presenting statistical data of his batch at IIM. From the vast amount of statistical data that he shared with us, the most surprising & shocking fact was that only 17 out of the 120 students admitted had actually prepared for the IPM Aptitude Test! This means most of them had cleared this national level exam without any extra preparation and also that the crowd that surrounds him at IIM-Indore is extremely intelligent and ambitious.

After sharing the statistical data, he described the rigorous daily schedule he follows. He wakes up at around 7:00 a.m. in the morning and after he completes all his classes and extra-curricular activities, throughout the day, he goes to bed at around 3:00 a.m. He shared with us that there are three circles that you have to deal with in college life, which are academics, co-curricular activities and socialising. To strike a balance and do well in college you can only be part of any two circles. Academics is the most important out of the three circles so you practically don’t have an option regarding it, whereas there is an option between socialising and co-curricular activities. If you want to enhance your development during college life, then you must opt for co-curricular activities. He shared with us that since he has chosen the circles of academics and co-curricular activities, he doesn’t spend much time socialising with others. He only socialises or chats with his friends and family members while he is having his meals and during his long walks from hostel to classroom.

He stressed heavily on the point of having company of good friends, having friendship with a saint and doing Bhajan invariably every day. He also gave two valuable tips which students can practice at school to prepare for their college, speaking in English and having good handwriting.

It was indeed a very helpful and interesting session. All the students were fully energised, inspired and motivated by Dinal Bhai and were resolute to follow the tips given by him.

Reported by: Aayush Verma and Jagrat Gada (12 Commerce)