“The preparations and opening of the greatest events are even greater and worthy of a lasting memory.”

This one-liner definitely fits the preparations and opening of the 13th Atmiya Annual Athletic Meet at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

The preparations started in late December 2016. Our sports teachers and the ground management staff worked wholeheartedly to prepare both the practice as well as the main grounds. With late night preparations going on full-fledge, the grounds were prepared for the event well before the deadline.

The event was spread between 4th of January to 7th of January 2017, in which there were more than 15 events. The event ranged in the following age groups: Under-08, Under-10, Under-13, Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19. The events are following:

Under-08 Under-10 Under-13 Under-15 Under-17 Under-19
50 m dash 50 m dash 100 m dash 100 m dash 100 m dash 4×100 m Relay
Ring Race 100 m dash 200 m dash 200 m dash 200 m dash  
Novelty Race Novelty Race 400 m dash 400 m dash 400 m dash  
Standing Broad Jump Long Jump 800 m dash 800 m dash 800 m dash  
Ball Throw Ball Throw Long Jump 1500 m dash 1500 m dash  
    High Jump Long Jump Long Jump  
    Shotput Throw High Jump Triple Jump  
    4×100 m Relay Triple Jump High Jump  
      Shotput Throw Shotput Throw  
      Discus Throw Discus Throw  
      Javelin Throw Javelin Throw  
      4×100 m Relay 4×100 m Relay  
        4×200 m Relay  

The enticing and ever-awaited opening ceremony of the meet kicked off in the late afternoon of 4th of January, 2017. The event was hosted by Mananbhai Dudhwala and Devangbhai Patel of grade 10.

The event was sanctified by the holy saints Pujya Suhrad Swamiji, Pujya Brahmvihari Swamiji, Pujya Shaswat Swamiji, Pujya Swikrut Swamiji, Pujya Suyog Swamiji, Pujya Santvatsal Swamiji and many other dignitaries.

After the great walk past by the senior students, the students of classes 1 and 2 performed a breathtaking exhibition of Gymnastics after which the patriotic students of classes 3 and 4 performed the military drill. Adding to it, our younger brothers of classes 5 and 6 performed the ribbon drill which was quite a pleasure for the onlookers. And as if all these were not enough, the dance team guided by Manish Sir gilded the ceremony with their lively dance.

We all then had the great fortune of listening to the motivating speeches by Pujya Brahmvihari Swamiji and Pujya Suhrad Swamiji. The event was then taken forward with the torch ceremony where the best athletes of the previous meet relayed the torch across the tracks.

Everyone reaffirmed their faith for their houses and the spirit of WE ARE ONE by taking the oath which was administered by the Sports Captain, Karanbhai Desai.

The event was then officially marked open by our principal, Dr Vijay Patel and thus marked the beginning of the saga, “WE ARE ONE.”

Class 10 Students