CBSE Cluster 13 – Table Tennis Competition 2016-17: AVM Students bring back honours!

VENUE: Delhi Public School, East Ahmedabad

DATE: 26th to 27th October 2016

With firmness in their eyes, determination in their mind and God in their heart, AVM’s teams for Under-14, Under-17 and Under-19 categories in the CBSE Cluster – Table Tennis Competition stole the thunder in Ahmedabad on 26th and 27th October.

The CBSE Cluster matches consisted of both: Individual events and Team events.

  • From AVM, Nirmaan Patel, Utsav Choksi, Dev Bandhiya and Raghav Agarwal comprised the Under-14 team.
  • The Under -17 team consisted of Rushay Modi, Saurabh Bhamre and Shreemad Patel.
  • Smith Patel, Madhav Ladha and Smit Lad were the members of the Under-19 team who that represented our school.

All the matches were played at Delhi Public School, East Ahmedabad. The competition saw participation from 16 schools in Under-14 category, 17 schools in Under-17 category and 8 schools in Under-19 category. 60, 72 and 30 students respectively had participated in this Sports event.

In the Individual events, the first matches under all the categories were won by a bye.

  • The second match in the Under-14 category was Nirmaan Patel vs. Mudit Bansal and the third match was the quarter finals of Nirmaan against Sukan Dave. The second match was successfully won by Nirmaan but, unfortunately, he lost the quarter finals.
  • In the Under -17 category, Rushay Modi lost the second match against Sarth Jhaveri.
  • In the Under-19 category, Smith Patel made it to the semi-finals after a mind-blowing victory against Mann Patel. However, after a tough competition, Vinayak Agarwal won against Smith in the semi-finals. Due to a marvellous performance in the semi-finals, Smith Patel won the BRONZE medal in the individual event.

Just like in the Individual events, all the first matches in all categories in Team events were won by a bye.

  • Our team entered the quarter finals in Under-14 category after a victory against DPS Tapi but lost against Anand Niketan School Maninagar in the quarter finals.
  • The Under-17 team won against G.D. Goenka School but lost the quarter finals against Anand Niketan School Maninagar.
  • The Under-19 team won the quarter finals and the semifinals against St. Mary School and DPS respectively, thereby entered the finals. As fate would have it, they lost against Shreya Devi School. Nevertheless, they triumphantly won the SILVER medal with a great honour.

Reported by: Smit Lad & Shyamal Patel (Class 10)