On 7th September 2016, AVM students of class 11th and 12th Commerce were fortunate to interact with Bhavesh Sir (Aarohi Investments). The session started at around 9:30 AM and was held in the school auditorium. It was organised as a part of our Financial Market Management course conducted by the experts of Niveshaay group.

Bhavesh Sir has an experience of 20+ years in investing in the financial market. He is a finance advisor who has successfully guided people in planning their investments. He has also worked closely with big and small financial firms.

The session was held to get students acquainted with Mutual Funds. He started with the basic terms that are used in the mutual funds world. He then took it to the next level by conducting an activity. That was one of the best aspects of the session and turned out to be very engaging. He divided the students in three groups. A person was designated in each group and he had to think of a situation related to income and future aspirations. Then all of the rest of us had to plan his investment in such a way that within the given period his wealth grew and he would be able to achieve that target. Bound by time limit, we were able to complete only one of the three case studies. But in that one case study which was discussed by Sir, we were able to learn many important things about investment strategy.

During the session, Sir shared one insightful point about making investments. He said that we must invest in such a manner that it gives us optimum returns. He defined optimum as “just right”. Our investment must be such that it takes into consideration the needs of our family’s health and well-being and other anticipated needs like education. He explained that it must yield us an optimum return and if we are able to generate anything more, than we must attribute that to God’s grace.

It was quite an interesting and insightful session. Bhavesh Sir was very calm and he listened to our silliest doubts and responded very patiently. The session lasted for about two and a half hours. We are very thankful to Arvind Sir and Bhavesh Sir to have taken time out to share their experiences with us.

Dinal Patel (12 Commerce)