God understood our thirst for knowledge,

And our need to be led by someone wiser;

He needed a heart of compassion, of encouragement, and patience;

Someone who would accept the challenge regardless of the opposition;

Someone who would accept our mistakes and love us selflessly;

Someone who could see the potential in us and believe in the best for us. . .

So He transcended from His abode, in the form of teachers to transform our souls.

A good teacher is one who makes the students realise that exams and grades are temporary but education and values are permanent. Luckily, we the bhoolkus of Swamishree are gifted with such wonderful teachers who have dedicated their lives for serving us. This is what makes the “TEACHERS’ DAY” celebration a grand one at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The bhoolkus of grade 11 were very fortunate to organise the Teacher’s Day celebration and were given a chance to express their gratitude towards all the teachers.

It all started with a small meeting with our dear Tarun Sir, who guided us in organising this remarkable event. We started brainstorming to come up with ideas to make this event a memorable one. We wanted to celebrate this Teachers’ Day with a particular theme which would make this event shine in everyone’s hearts forever. Thinking for an appropriate theme was of course a challenging task for us, but luckily we ended up picking “MINIONS” as the central theme for the celebration.

Once all the ideas were collected, it was time for all of us minions to figure out how & where we had to cooperate, coordinate and work together as a team. We divided ourselves into various groups for efficient and effective work to be done. Working in groups was not easy for us minions as we had different and conflicting ideas; it taught us how to arrive at a conclusion without creating any disputes. Working in a team had many joyous moments which created memories for us but the challenging times brought us closer to each other.

Working for 6-7 hours a day was not easy for us minions, but to our surprise, they became very trivial as we had our teachers with us. They kept guiding us whenever we faced difficulties. Working on the theme of minions had made all of us minion-like and so we ended up committing such mistakes that we couldn’t even have imagined; but it was our Teachers who kept us encouraged and motivated all the time.

Slowly the days passed by with a lot of learning and finally the day was in front of us when we had an opportunity to express our gratitude towards those individuals who have dedicated their lives to serve us. All of us were very excited on the day. Soon, all the Teachers were invited to the prayer hall for the celebration. The hall was decorated and showcased the timeline which showed our (minions’) journey of transformation from minions to mutated minions!

The celebration started with a lot of eagerness. The minion hosts arrived on the stage with a dance which mesmerized the audience and left them with an unending laughter. After starting the function with the poojan of Thakorji, we had special glimpses of our Teachers shown which helped us cherish many of our old memories. As is rightly quoted by someone, “When words fail, music is the only means of expression”, we had three minions from class 11 come up on the stage with a melodious song to express our feelings towards our Teachers. To make us understand the importance of Teachers in our life, we had a team of minions perform an inspiring skit and a heart touching dance. We had a specially designed card for our dearest Vijay Sir which was then presented to him. And we did not want to be deprived of being taught by the wonderful Teachers on that auspicious day, so we invited him again to enlighten us minions. Listening to him motivated us further and encouraged us to be on the right track in our life.

All the Teachers were then invited to a very special exhibition in the senior school building. The exhibition was specially made to give a tribute to our ULTIMATE TEACHER – Param Pujya Swamiji. It contained all the agnas given by Him to all of us regarding our daily routine and the kind of life we should be living.

We also had some students play the role of teachers on the day to teach their friends. It gave them a chance to experience the hard work that our teachers put in to help us reach our goals.

Celebrating this Teachers’ Day was a great opportunity for all of us as we learnt many new things which have enriched our lives with different values. This was not only an opportunity to thank our teachers, but also an opportunity to come closer to each other, to understand each other, share our pain with each other and minimize it and live a life according to Swamishree’s expectation of being ATMIYA with everyone. We know that we will never be able to repay what our teachers have done for all of us, but we resolved to try and repay them by following the instructions given to us for our progress.

Thank you Teachers for making us part of your life and giving us the chance to enhance our abilities.

Thank you very much.


Written by: Pranesh Patel (Class 11 Commerce)

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