The most powerful way through which we can tackle all the problems that we face is just a 6-letter word, that is, PRAYER. Although this word might seem very small and simple but it has immense power within it.

Satyam House got the golden opportunity to celebrate the value ‘PRAYER IS POWERFUL’. Oxford dictionary defines prayer as an earnest hope and thanksgiving to God. But prayer is not merely an earnest hope or a thanksgiving to God but it is a consistent process through which we can realize our own potential with the help of unlimited positive energy of God.

સ્વામીની વાતો માં ગુણાતીતાનંદ સ્વામીજીએ કહ્યું છે:  “મહારાજે કહ્યું હતું જે, આપત્કાળ આવે તો લીલા ખડને દંડવત કરજો, તેમાં રહીને પણ હું સહાય કરીશ.” It means that even in the worst of the situations, God helps us out and that everything in this world happens due to God’s will.

Another aspect explained during the week was that ‘God has plans for everyone’. All of us have ups and downs in our lives. If we are going through the lows of life, it does not mean that God doesn’t want us to succeed but the broader perspective is that God is making us efficient as He has more fruitful roads waiting and ready to be walked by us. After all, life is not how much success we achieve but it is how high we bounce back every time we fall.

Prayer is not just asking God to fulfil all our wishes and that we do not come across any problems in our life. But as we all know, problems are inevitable and bound to come in our life. So, what is prayer? Prayer is asking God a tiny fraction of His power so that whenever a problem comes in our life, we can face it with confidence and with a broad smile.

On Saturday 23rd July, Satyam House students presented a creative assembly on the value with a very insightful title: આળસ પટલાઈને જોરથી પછાડું… પ્રભુ તમને દરરોજ સંભારું. It highlighted our responsibility besides prayers and demonstrated that laziness absolutely doesn’t allow us to get reach our potential.

Prayer has helped a lot of people to achieve solution to those problems which felt seemingly impossible to solve. Prayer is not just about going to a temple and sitting in front of God for hours and hours but it is something which comes from our heart. And a little prayer before doing any activity/job will make us far more effective in doing it. So, believe in God and keep faith in your prayers.

Written by: Manan Dudhwala & Khushal Mehta (Satyam House Captain)