Kabaddi is one of the popular games in south Asia, especially in India. The sport is believed to have originated in the southern part of India and still is a very popular sport in most parts of India. It is also a sport in which India has done remarkably well at the international level. India have won every single world cup and the Asian games title in the sport.In the age of IPL, the Pro Kabaddi League, which is broadcast and sponsored by the leading sports network in India, Star Sports, gained new heights in terms of popularity among the youth. And AVM was not an exception! The awareness generated by the Pro Kabaddi League and the enthusiasm of the school coaches transpired into the students and several students were taken to the liking of the sport which laid foundation for a very successful inter-house competition.

The competition was divided in three categories:

  • Sub Junior (Std 4, 5 and 6)
  • Junior (Std 7, 8)
  • Senior (Std 9, 10, 11)

Even though the coaching for kabaddi is done throughout the year, a special, week-long, coaching and training program was kept preceding the competition to assist the participants give an even better performance.

After the initial rounds full of excitement, it was then time for the finals. In the Sub Junior category, Suhradam House in their match against Shivam House, showed remarkable spirit to stay in the match against a more fancied Shivam House team. But Shivam House won the final comprehensively with the score of 103–81.

In the Junior category, Satyam House played the competition favourites Sundaram House. Members from both the teams showed some exhilarating skills and temperament to make the finals very entertaining for the spectators. But in the end, Sundaram House won the final with the score of 116–62.

Finals in Senior category was more closer and intense as the participants from both Suhradam and Sundaram houses were determined to win the category to help their house win the competition. The match was also very high on skill and strategy. In a seesaw battle, both teams showed glimpses of why they were the finalists as they won over the amazed spectators as the end of the match beckoned. Eventually, Suhradam House team won the final against a very resilient Sundaram House team.

To grace the occasion of the finals and to present the inter-house trophy to the winners, Pujya Suhrad Swamiji and Vice Principal Respected Ashish Sir were present. Due to their superb performances across all the categories, Sundaram House became the inter-house Kabaddi champion for 2014-15.

The final points table is as follows:

The enthusiasm and increased participation in a very traditional sport like kabaddi amongst the urban kids itself is the greatest achievement of this Interhouse Kabaddi Competition. On behalf of Atmiya parivar, we congratulate Hemant Sir (School Kabaddi Coach), the entire sports team and the student players for putting up such a successful event.

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