Interpersonal Intelligence Competition 2013-14

With the evolution of science and society the methods and tools for teaching and learning have also evolved in past many years. Education and knowledge has increased many folds and the competition in various fields is fierce. But the main goal of education is still the same and all educators want to help their students to succeed in school, college, career and social life. In today’s fast pacing world it is very important to know what our children are good at and to find out which innate talent they possess. As we all look different and have unique personalities and temperaments, we also have different profiles of intelligences. Each one of us is born with a unique talent and intelligence and one cannot compare and say that one’s talent or intelligence is better than the other. To nurture this intelligence and transform it into a skill which will benefit the child to face life’s ordeals is very important.

To cater to the individual needs of student and to nurture the unique intelligence they possess, teachers at Atmiya Vidya Mandir have made a humble effort to design and organize many inter-house competitions throughout the year based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence given by Howard Gardner of Harvard University (USA).


On 23rd November, 2013 AVM had organized one such inter-house competition based on ‘Interpersonal Intelligence’. Few key aspects of interpersonal intelligence are: those who have strong interpersonal intelligence are good in understanding and interacting with other people verbally as well as non-verbally. They are good in working as a team and can positively resolve the conflict in the group.

Considering above mentioned realities this competition was organized grade wise and house wise. All the participants had been given different themes/tasks as per their grades. They had to work as a team and unleash their creativity to finish the given task in limited time.

The grade wise themes/competitions were as follows:

For Grade 1 to 3: Making Animals with Clay

In this competition all the participants were given the task to prepare their favorite animal from clay. 24 students from grades 1 to 3 had participated (2 students per Grade from each house). All the participants made the clay model of different animals like Elephant, Giraffe, Mickey Mouse, Tortoise, Dinosaur, Donald duck etc.

For Grade 4: Model making from Lego blocks
In this competition there were total 8 participants (2 students from each house). All the participants were given the task to make a model from the given Lego blocks in the given time. For this task they had to work as a team and come up with the idea to design the model and ultimately create that model. All the participants gave wings to their imagination and made varieties of models like Model of a Town, Model of Castle, and Model of Garden etc. It was exciting to note that the children were able to put in small little details in their models.

For Grade 5 and 6: Card Castle Making
In this competition there were total 16 participants (2 students per Grade from each house). For this competition participants had to make a castle from a given deck of cards and the castle with longest height will win. All the participants enjoyed making castle from the playing cards as a team. Their team work, patience and accuracy were tested here.

For Grade 7 and 8: Poster Making
In this competition there were total 16 participants (2 students per Grade from each house). The theme for this poster making competition was “Recipe of Success: Hard work + Earnest Prayer + Company of Good Friends”. Participant had to brainstorm and come up with the flow about how they can project this theme on a given chart paper. They were given time limit of one and half hour. All the teams came up with very creative ways to represent their ideas.

Throughout this competition participants from each grade levels worked as a team and learned to respect other’s ideas. It was a good experience for them to learn how to resolve their conflicts in a constructive way. For teachers it was a delightful treat to see their budding stars in action. Overall the competition was successful in providing the platform to students to unleash their creativity and practice their interpersonal skills. Both the students and teachers had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Grade wise winners of the Interpersonal Intelligence Competition are as follows:

For Grade 1 to 3: Making Animals with Clay: Shivam House

  • Rishil Savaliya (Std.1)
  • Veer Modi (Std.1)
  • Harinaman Gandhi (Std.2)
  • Harsh Patel (Std.2)
  • Jagrat Patel (Std. 3A)
  • Devan Patel (Std.3B)

For Grade 4: Model making from  blocks: Satyam House

  • Parth K. Patel (4A)
  • Parth N. Patel (4B)

For Grade 5 and 6: Card Castle Making: Shivam House

  • Shiv Patel (5A)
  • Manthan Patel (5B)
  • Vasav Shukla (6A)
  • Tarak Jadvani (6B)

For Grade 7 and 8: Poster Making

Satyam House

  • Smit Lad (7A)
  • Dharmin Patel (7B)
  • Jagrat Gada (8A)
  • Joy Patel (8B)

Sundaram House

  • Rutvik Fudhanawala (7A)
  • Parth Jasoliya (7B)
  • Dev K. Patel (8A)
  • Mantavya Ambaliya (8B)

Overall Result
1st Position    Shivam House
2nd Position    Satyam House
3rd Position    Sundaram House
4th Position    Suhradam House

Compiled by: Priyavadan Sir