Inter House Basketball Competition 2013-14

Over the 10 years since its inception, Atmiya Vidya Mandir has increasingly put in efforts, learnt and got better in many of its celebrations. This time it was the turn of Inter-House Basketball competition. One of the true global sports, Basketball has many admirers and enthusiasts in the school. Popularity of the sport in the school should not come as a surprise due to the presence of healthy number of the students from US and Canada. The competition begun on 4th January, and unfortunately ended on 7th January 2014. But the 4 day event was full of enthusiasm and excitement along with some outstanding performances by the students.

The students were grouped in 3 categories for the competition:

  1. Sub Junior – Class 5 & 6
  2. Junior – Class 7 & 8
  3. Senior – Class 9 to 11



The competition involved two knockout matches for each house. The winners of the first knockout match in each category shook hands in finals, whereas the losers met for a 3rd place match.

After the first set of knockout matches, this is how the teams stacked up against each other for the finals and 3rd place match in respective categories.

Sub Junior category

  • Final: Sundaram vs Shivam
  • 3rd Place match: Satyam vs Suhradam
  • Summary: Satyam and Suhradam houses played each other for a 3rd place match.
    Satyam House won this closely fought match with 6-4. In the finals,
    Shivam House had a comprehensive win with a score of 24 – 8 against
    Sundaram House with Shreemadbhai and Parambhai being the top performers.

Junior category

  • Final: Shivam vs Sundaram
  • 3rd place match: Satyam vs Suhradam 
  • Summary: On the back of some good performances from Rajveerbhai and Rahulbhai,
    Suhradam House won the 3rd place match against Satyam House with a very
    convincing score 38 – 10. After tasting a defeat against the same
    opponent in the junior category, boys from the Sundaram House were
    determined to turn the table. Nimitbhai from Sundaram House showed his
    class and skills as his team demolished Shivam House with a staggering
    score line of 38 – 5.

Senior category

  • Final: Shivam vs Suhradam
  • 3rd Place match: Satyam vs Sundaram 
  • Summary: Satyam House and Sundaram House met for the 3rd place match in the
    category. Vishwajeetbhai and Harshilbhai led Sundaram House to a very
    narrow win with the score of 29 – 26. In the very last match of the
    competition Shivam House played against the Suhradam House. In the early
    exchanges of the play there was nothing to choose between the team. But
    the Suhradam House team stepped up their game in the second half.
    Hardipbhai in particular was very sharp and scored quick points for his
    team. Harshbhai also contributed with many rebounds as Suhradam House
    sealed the match with 29 – 18 points.

After 4 days full of excitement, enthusiasm and matches, this is how the 4 houses stood on the points table:
Position    House      Sub Junior    Junior    Senior    Total Points
     1          Shivam             10                8             8                26
     2        Sundaram           8                 10            6                24
     3        Suhradam           4                  6            10               20
     4          Satyam             6                  4             4                14

In conclusion, on behalf of all the students, I would like to thank all the sports teachers for organizing such a fantastic Basketball competition. A special mention of the School Basketball Coach, respected Bankim Sir for his tireless contributions. His hard work throughout the year helped all the students to improve their skills which only improved the overall performance and level of the Inter House Basketball Competition.

Smit K Patel (Class 8)