Inter House Table Tennis Competition 2012-13

The Inter-House Table-Tennis competition was organized at Atmiya Vidya Mandir as a 3 days event, from 19th July, 2012 to 21st July, 2012. As per the Indian tradition the event was initiated by the Poojan of Thakorji. The instructors encouraged the disciplined environment, which was sincerely followed by the participants throughout the event. All the participants from the four houses (Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, Suhradam) actively participated and displayed a wonderful sportsman spirit during the event.

The competition was held dividing the students into two different groups and the scoring was done through the Point system.

1. Junior Group (5th ,6th ,7th)
2. Senior Group (8th,9th, 10th)

The junior group played two events:
1. Individual event
2. Team event

Whereas the senior group played three events:
1. Individual event
2. Doubles event
3. Team event

The points distribution for the tournament was as follows:
1st Position – 10 Points
2nd Position – 8 Points
3rd Position – 6 Points

Results of the Junior Group Team Event (5th ,6th ,7th)

1st Place: – Sundaram (10 Points)
1. Deep J. Patel
2. Sarweshwar Modi
3. Parth Jasoliya
4. Shivam Patel

2nd Place: – Suhradam (8 Points)
1. Jigar Parekh
2. Vinamra Patel
3. Dev P. Patel
4. Dev M. Patel

3rd Place: – Satyam (6 points)
1. Krutarth Patel
2. Smit Lad
3. Keval Rohit
4. Pranit Chodhary

Results of the Junior Group Individual Event (5th, 6th, 7th)

1st Place: – Dev P. Patel (Suhradam)
2nd Place: – Deep J. Patel (Sundaram)
3rd Place: – Jigar B. Parekh (Suhradam)

Results of the Senior Individual Event (8th, 9th, 10th Std)

1st Place: – Harsh L. Sarda (Satyam)
2nd Place: – Vishesh S. Mistry (Shivam)
3rd Place: – Jil H. Patel (Satyam)

Results of the Senior Doubles Event

1st Place: – Harsh L. Sarda / Jil H. Patel (Satyam)
2nd Place: – Vishesh S. Mistry / Krutarth J. Patel (Shivam)
3rd Place: – Amit M. Pandey / Prashant S. Gupta (Suhradam)

Results of the Senior Team Event

1st Place: – Shivam House
1. Vishesh S. Mistry
2. Krutarth J. Patel
3. Uttam P. Italiya
4. Pavan Patel

2nd Place: – Satyam House
1. Harsh L. Sarda
2. Jil H. Patel
3. Denish Patel
4. Bonny U. Patel

3rd Place: – Suhradam House
1. Prashant S. Gupta
2. Amit M. Patel
3. Dinal L. Patel
4. Raj H. Chitania

Overall Results:

  1. Satyam House (40 Points)
  2. Suhradam House (36 Points)
  3. Sundaram House (34 Points)
  4. Shivam House (30 Points)

Compiled by: Chirag Sir