Spell – Bee Bash at AVM

The 21st century is full of technology that is designed to help us communicate. However, some of this technology may in fact contribute to poor communication skills. Think of Twitter – while it’s a great way to provide short updates and notices, the 140-character limit means that people frequently abbreviate their words. Because our brains are designed to recognize and comprehend patterns, v r abl 2 undrstnd msgs&wrds w/o all the ltrs in them, lk this 4 exmpl!!!!!!!!!!!
This issue is particularly important for children these days, who are growing up surrounded by this new form of abbreviated communication. There’s no doubt, though, that teaching children how to correctly spell words, and how to train them to continue to improve their spelling, is a critical part for teachers from the earliest grades onwards. But students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are made aware of the fact that how poor vocabulary and misspelled words have alarming and detrimental effect on communication; With this wakefulness they recently participated in the World Spelling Day 2012 held on 5th March 2012, which is designed with a purpose to help the school going children to improve their spelling, enhance their vocabulary, understand phonetics and perfect their grammar.

Test of English is an integral part of most competitive examinations and recruitment processes world over. The English Department of AVM is effortful to enable the students on various aspects including comprehension, vocabulary, verbal analogy, sentence skills, grammar usage and the World Spelling Day proved to a medium to inculcate the same.

The World Spelling Day competition is not just a great opportunity for students to have fun but it can also improve students’ core skills. Over the last three years, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir have shown good improvement in speed and accuracy in the World Spelling Day games, making it a powerful way to improve and develop their effective communication skills, comprehension and usage of words that will help to fulfill their quest for academic knowledge.

For the World Spelling Day 2012, students were given their own personal online games login ID which was supportive to match up with other students of similar age from various parts of the world to face live challenges. Students earned points for correct answers, with their tally growing as the challenge continues. The games were open to students aged 4years to 18years. 

Sahishnu Patel (age group 14-18) who was the Indian Ambassador for the World Education Games 2012 stood 89th in the world and 4th in India.
All spelling tests of World Spelling Day were coupled with typing drills. Students were to complete the test by spell and typing every word correctly. This world level spelling competition is meant to create an awareness of the necessity to spell and pronounce words correctly; it also develops enthusiasm amongst students to learn new words.
ALL THE BEST to the students for the upcoming final exams with an expectation that poor grades due to spelling mistakes is a far off reality for them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!