The Amazing Art Mela at AVM

Pampering their creativity and tapping into their inner artist, the recent Art and Craft Fair at Atmiya Vidya Mandir was a real treat to fondle students’ inclination towards drawing, painting, moulding, colouring and craft. Experts from Pidilite industries, who have excelled in the field of art and craft, were invited to organize a workshop for the students of classes 1 to 6. In this Art Fair, there was something for everyone, delivering more than just art, reason to celebrate childhood at fullest; with a whiff of summer and monsoon in the air, the buzz of nature’s colours just flourishing. With the countdown of summer holidays and amidst all this excitement the Art Fair gave one more reason to rejoice their senses. An essence of all the creativity and imagination was on the move in the Art fair.

Art fair for the children of primary classes focussed on colouring activities. This steadies the hand and helps them cultivate their imagination. They loved doing the rainbow, clouds and also attempted to draw vague creations. During this Art Fair, even monochromatic scribbles on a piece of paper gave the kids a sense of accomplishment, because they’d created something that wasn’t there before. And as they progressed towards using multiple colours and forming recognizable shapes, they gained even more confidence.

Students of Std I, II and III were trained extending their imagination and creating creatures with their thumb impression. The vegetable print making encouraged them to develop liking for vegetables and learning to cut them in various pattern to learn vegetable print making. They loved making finger puppets by assembling small handy things.

Exposing them to the Modern Art, students of Std IV, V and VI were taught the technique of mosaic painting. Tickling their creative skills, they learnt to make photo frame to gift their dear and near ones. Tampering their artistic fervour for painting, students were also trained to glass painting where they were to design and paint on the engravings showing their stunning clarity and choice of colours.

Expressing his joy on this workshop, the Art teacher Manish Sir told, “Passion, energy, intelligence and creativity” of students for art is on work. Crafts offer children the opportunity to express themselves in two- and three-dimensional ways. Students can develop vital problem-solving skills without having to rely on areas of expression that may be more challenging”. The painter, artist and gifted teacher Manoj Sir said, “Creative projects offer these students the freedom to show what they know without the constraints of printed text”.

Thus, the Art Fair consisting of a thematic variety brought out the sheer brilliance and unmatchable imagination of each student.