After a hiatus of four long years, the grand festival, celebration, and competition returned to AVM with the revival of the Inter House Kabaddi Competition.

The anticipation among students and coaches alike was profound as they eagerly awaited the resurgence of this traditional sport, deeply rooted in Bharat yet making waves across the globe. Kabaddi demands agility, strength, coordination, and above all, teamwork, qualities diligently cultivated by esteemed coaches Sanjay Sir and Mahesh Sir in preparation for this event.

Teachers were invited to witness and support their students in this thrilling competition. The courts were meticulously laid out with official measurements, adorned by house flags, while spectators were cordoned off from the play area by ropes. The event boasted four official referees and two scorers to ensure fair play.

The matches proved to be highly entertaining, with each encounter yielding high scores. After navigating through the preliminary rounds, Satyam and Shivam House teams faced off in the finals for the coveted Sub-Juniors’ Kabaddi Inter House trophy, while Satyam and Suhradam House teams contested for the Junior category title.

Despite Kabaddi’s reputation for intense competition, all participants embodied the spirit of “We ARE ONE,” characteristic of AVM’s ethos. As Kabaddi is a physical contact sport, minor injuries were inevitable and promptly attended to by the school’s dedicated medic.

The finals captured the imagination of the entire school as the finalists exceeded expectations. Satyam House emerged victorious in the Sub-Junior final, while Suhradam House’s Kabaddi team clinched the Junior category title, delivering what could be deemed the standout team performance of the year across all sports and age categories.

Kabaddi was the favourite sport of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji, the founder and inspirer of the school and hence, this Inter House Kabaddi Competition served as a fitting tribute to Him. His vision of fostering a spirit of “Atmiyata” (unity) among AVM students, exemplified throughout His life, found expression in the camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed on the Kabaddi court.


Position Sub Juniors (Std 4, 5, 6) Juniors (Std 7, 8, 9)
Champions Satyam House Suhradam House
Runner-Ups Shivam House Satyam House

Written by: Aadi Patel, Kush Patel, Arth Rampariya (Grade 9)