It is a well-known fact that when a healthy mind and a strong physique get reinforced by a spiritual soul, no power in the world can conduct itself as an obstacle to the success of that being.

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, sports activities are driven by Swamishree’s mission of preparing students who should not only excel in academics but also shine in games and sports. The framework of the physical health of the students is brought to perfection by providing them opportunities in various sports activities like Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Handball, and other sports. The AVM Sports Department works hard throughout the year, honing the sports skills of every student so that they can be prepared and trained for various competitions and tournaments. Through sports, the students not only increase the coordination and synergy amongst them but also improve their endurance, flexibility, strength, speed, and other motor skills.

Recently, AVM’s under 17 age group Basketball players got an opportunity to participate and play in the District Level Tournament held at R.M.G. Maheshwari School Ladvi, Surat. On 15th October, 2023 the AVM Basketball team left for the venue of the tournament. The team echoed enthusiasm and held deep faith in their hearts to win the game. The players in the U-17 Basketball team of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were as follows:

1 Krishn Hetal Patel
2 Abhay Rajesh Patel
3 Sarvam Kalpesh Patel
4 Nischal Dilip Varde
5 Daksh Shailesh Talpara
6 Niramay Mayank Patel
7 Tej Vipul Patel
8 Aman Sushil Patel
9 Krupesh Sanjay Patel
10 Mitul Ashutosh Patel
11 Mehul Bhagirath Dwarkani

Once all participating schools in the competition arrived at the hosting school, the principal welcomed them warmly with words of encouragement. It was followed by another session in which the competition’s official-in-charge explained general rules to all participating teams. After the assembly, all teams dispersed. The captain of each team then had to fill in some information in the given form and then they were asked to proceed to practice some shooting skills and lay-up shots under the guidance of their respective coaches. AVM’s team was led by Bankim Sir as the coach and Bhautik Sir as the team manager.

In the initial part of the tournament, Fountain Head School managed an easy win against some schools in the first few rounds. Thereafter, when the match between the champions of U-14 and U-19 tournaments, Atmiya Vidya Mandir and Vasishtha Vidhyalaya was declared, all the viewers present there cheered for both teams, and the excitement swept across the ground. Once the contest started, each player of both teams dodged the other team so swiftly that assumptions of blocking were impossible for the other player. However, due to the excellent guidance and training of AVM’s coach Bankim Sir, AVM’s team controlled the ball well and dribbled it through the legs and showed excellent skill on the ground.

Thus, the tournament came to an end with an untimely intervention of a sudden downpour. From each team, three players were selected for the under 17 State level basketball tournament. It was a proud moment for Atmiya Vidya Mandir as two players were selected for the state-level contest, they are as follows:

  1. Krishn Hetal Patel
  2. Abhay Rajesh Patel

Thus, With the blessings of Swamishree and the persistent efforts of the sports teachers, AVM is bound to enjoy such jubilant moments on the playground in the future as well.

Written by: Krishn Patel (Grade 11)