Since time immemorial, the conglomerations of Hindu festivals have been nurturing and safeguarding the religious foundations of all people of Bharat. Despite the fact that, in the outside world, the unwarranted meddling of modernity threatens lurking indifference and inattention of today’s generation towards cultural traditions, Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s yearly calendar accentuates celebrations of all festivals of Hindu Sanatan Dharm bequeathing glories of cultural heritage to growing students. Right from the inception of the school, the school’s founder, His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji insisted upon inculcating in the students the virtues and values attached to Hindu Sanatan Dharm by celebrating festivals.

One such festival is Ganesh Chaturthi which marks the worship of Ganpati Bappa as the harbinger of auspiciousness and prosperity. At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the celebration of this much-awaited festival began by welcoming the God of prosperity and wisdom with great grandeur. When the idol of Ganpati Bappa was placed in the temple, the entire campus soaked in the festive fervour. The school’s prayer hall emitted an extra charm with the five-day ceremonies of Ganpati Poojan and rituals. Students acknowledged the legends and prasangs from the life of Ganpati Bappa. Furthermore, students not only showed their love and devotion towards Ganpati Bappa but also learnt life lessons and values from His life. As Swamishree always glorified Ganpati Bappa for being devoutly obedient towards His parents, students revered Ganpati Bappa for His exemplary life and prayed sincerely to be blessed with the same. The gusto and gala time of this festival was further escalated with delightful laddoos and delicious dishes served in the dining hall. Thus, this splendid celebration has left a long-lasting imprint on the minds and hearts of young growing students to adore and acquire the most noble and inspiring qualities of Ganpati Bappa; moreover, the splendour of this festival and observance of all rituals further aid them in getting their roots affirmed in a culturally and spiritually rich Bhartiya society.

Seema Ma’am