At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, students not only get a chance to shine in academics, but they are also given ample opportunities to enhance their skills in the sports domain. Students can flourish with their talents both in outdoor and indoor activities. As a matter of fact, the AVM Chess Club conducts weekly sessions in which interested students are coached, trained, and guided to acquire knowledge and skills in this game. And this year, all their learning and training contributed hugely to the Inter House Chess Competition where there was an astonishing number of over one hundred participants who showed their interest in this game. This Competition included magnificent and exceptional matches, and all witnessed the emergence of outstanding winners, who shone brightly for their respective houses.

In the Sub-Junior group, the Shivam House secured first place defeating the Sundaram House in a very close move. Following the runners-up was the Satyam House in third place.

The Junior group witnessed an incredible triumph of the Sundaram House winning against the Shivam House. They were followed by the Satyam House which once again ended at the third place.

In the Senior group, the Suhradam House stood victorious defeating the Shivam House in the final. The third place, however, was occupied by the Sundaram House which had an easy triumph over the Satyam House.

The final results of the competition are as follows:

Sub-Junior Junior Senior Total Place
Satyam 06 06 04 16 Fourth
Shivam 10 08 08 26 First
Sundaram 08 10 06 24 Second
Suhradam 04 04 10 18 Third


Altogether, the competition outlined the school’s motto ‘Union of Body, Mind and Soul’ giving the students an opportunity to grow both mentally and intellectually.


Written by: Ashish Kursawe (Grade 11), Swastik Patel (Grade 8)