A wave of football fiesta surged right through the fields and hearts of A.V.M., all thanks to the Inter House Football Competition 2022. With the 22nd FIFA World Cup going on in Qatar, the hype kept on increasing multi fold, seeing the Ronaldos and Messis of AVM playing their game. The skills, the manoeuvres, the goals, and everything in between lived up to the hype, to provide quality entertainment to those in the stands as well as to those on the field. Praises aside, you can be sanguine that all of it was gripping. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into the highlights of A.V.M. Football Fiesta.

In the Sub-Junior group, the first match was played between Satyam and Shivam houses in which Shivam dominated the game as they confirmed their place in the finals with a score of 2-0. The second match was between Sundaram and Suhradam. The budding talents of Sundaram House gave their best and won the game with a one-nil score. In the third-place match, both teams utilized their second opportunities as they played their elite games and displayed immense determination. But it was the Suhradam House that bagged the third place. Shivam played the finals against Sundaram. It was a thrilling match played by the young footballers, on top of that the cheerful audience added to its charm. However, it was Sundaram House that managed to grab 1st place with a score of 1-0.

Onto the Junior group, Suhradam House dominated the field by winning against Satyam with a score of two-nil and shared the titles of finalists with Shivam House, who won against Sundaram with a score of 2-1. The deciding match for the third-place holders was a nail-biting one as it went into penalties. Players of both Sundaram and Satyam houses projected great dedication but through all the midst, it was the Sundaram House that emerged victorious with a score of 4-3. The final was even more exciting as neither side spared a chance to score. Hence, the audience got a second chance to witness penalties. The penalty ending in an equal score took the play into the golden penalty. The hype of the match went through the roof as the golden penalty resulted in another tie. However, after the second golden penalty, Suhradam House stood no chance as it was Shivam House that had snatched the first position.

In the Senior group, purples played blues and greens faced oranges in their initial matches. Both were nail biting games in which skills and techniques overweighed power. It was blues and oranges which emerged as contenders for the title of winner as they won their matches with scores 1-0 & 2-1 respectively. The third place match which was played between purples and greens, was a one-sided game as the players of Sundaram scored twice as the match ended with a score two-nil.

The final of the Senior group was no less than outstanding. The enthusiasm of on-field players was in sync with the cheerful audience. Shivam House proved that they knew the game like the back of their hand as the 1st half was fully dominated by them with a score of three nil. However, the players of Suhradam House didn’t give up as they defended Shivam scoring in the second half. In addition to this, the attackers played their role as they managed to score. At the end, it was Shivam House that occupied the throne of champions.

Dominating in the Senior and Junior groups, Shivam House stood first in the overall rankings with a total of 28 points. It was followed by Suhradam House and Sundaram House sharing the runners-up position each having 22 points. 3rd position was given to Satyam House with 12 points.

Looking back at the past, this year’s Inter House Football Championship was that of brains more than brawl. The amazing skills and genius footwork we witnessed speak for themselves. Whenever the ball smashed into the goal’s net, the crowd went wild but the sportsmanship and modesty of our Bhoolku footballers are what we take our hats off to.

The zest, flowing on the field and through the crowd was unparalleled. The Inter House Football Championship 2022 may be over but the “josh is still high” for the 22nd FIFA World Cup’s Champion’s Trophy is still looking for a worthy team. Keeping the Football Spirit alive, we now take leave from you. So, have an electrifying Football Fiesta and #Let’sFootballAgain.

Written by: Kavi C Patel, Prit A Patel (Grade 11)