Along with all other sports, Basketball is one of the most cherished sport of students at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The Inter House Basketball Competition (2022-23) was recently organized in the school. All the students were excited and they were ready to cheer the players of their respective houses for the tournament.

Basketball is one of the mainstream sports at AVM where aspiring players are coached right from the grassroots up to the competitive level. After a long time, spectators were enjoying a fascinating pattern in the entire competition. The wavering anticipation of the winning team captivated the excitement of the entire tournament.

After much practice of agility and sudden bouts of energy, Shivam and Suhradam houses managed their way to the finals. Followed by Satyam and Sundaram houses that wiggled their way to the 3rd place match in every group team event.

The astounding results took the favour of Shivam House which outperformed Suhradam House with a 18-10 game among which Devinbhai Solanki grasped the Best Player trophy. To sum up the 3rd place in Sub-Junior group, Sundaram House won against Satyam House with a clear 18-4 win.

The Junior group was no less exciting as this time Suhradam House defeated Shivam House with a clear 31-10 win. Though Shivam House was defeated, the Best Player was eventually from Shivam House; Sahajbhai Rohit with a total of 22 points. Taking a look at the third place, Sundaram House easily smashed Satyam House scoring 15 points against them who only scored 2 points.

It was a delight watching the most energetic, electrifying – Senior group reach the basket with all their strategies and efforts. The blues and oranges thrilled the spectators with an eye-catching match where Shivam House completely smashed the Suhradam House by scoring 37 points. The Best Player award was undoubtedly given to Devbhai Desai who slammed a grand total of 31 points. Concluding the tournament, Sundaram House secured a clear win of 22-11 against Satyam House.

To sum up the points, Shivam House secured the trophy scoring a total of 28 points in the tournament. They were followed by Suhradam House with 26 points, Sundaram with 18 points and Satyam with 12 points.

Written by: Jay Vaishanav (Grade 10)