Much has been written about the children of today’s alpha generation who are blistering in the blinding blaze of the digital world and smart devices. This ultra-modern, hi-tech world pose challenges and growing concerns    for the parents and teachers, who have to deal with this generation on a daily basis. Quite remarkably, His Divine Holiness P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj had foreseen these challenges long before, around seven decades ago when as Prabhudas Bhai, He was still studying in school. Back then, in 1953, Swamishree envisioned establishing a school in the form of a modern Gurukul that would be shielded from degrading influences and will raise culturally rooted students. Hence, Atmiya Vidya Mandir, remains an oasis, fostering the students of modern day generation as a rare breed of spiritually sound, culturally robust and socially forward youngsters. The recent celebration of Teachers’ Day in the school premises is the testimonial of such nurturing as the students had planned and presented an amazing programme Samarpan (dedication) for their beloved teachers.

The eventful day of 5th September 2022, commenced with a warm welcome for the teachers wherein grade 11 students were positioned at the entrance to escort teachers to the programme venue. It was a great feeling to find how conscientiously these students have crafted the whole programme as two small children from grade one and two were made to gently offer the ritualistic Poojan to each teacher arriving to witness the programme. A carpet of flowers was laid making a walking track for the teachers leading them to their seating area. The artistically and quite elaborately decorated hall was a real treat for the eyes, complementing the sentiments of the students for their teachers. The ebullient and zestful hosts of the programme unfurled a flash of vivacity with their high-spirited entry on the stage. Having grown up with the urge of ‘Pratham Prabhu, pachhi paglu’ these event planners of AVM (grade 11 students) commenced the programme by inviting Principal Vijay Sir and Administrator Narendra Bhai Patel along with distinguished guests to lit the ceremonial lamp and for poojan of Thakorji.

Shortly after, Swamishree’s noble plan showed its glimpses when a heartfelt tribute for the teachers by the students of grade one to grade three was presented on a gigantic screen at the backdrop of the stage. In an age where man and machines are interlaced, traces of human emotions among today’s youngsters are never as easy as expressed by AVM students for their teachers. The students choir sang a song “Thank You Teachers” which was a self-composed track with soul-stirring lyrics. These young singers melodiously surcharged the entire atmosphere. Soon, the backdrop screen became live with tribute offered by students of next classes showing their gratitude towards their teachers.

A wave of thrill pierced through the entire arena as the student-dancers presented a self-choreographed dance performance for their beloved teachers. Yes, one may call it an attribution of a utopian world, as these students of AVM avowed a solemn pledge to make their parents proud and happy by abiding their teachers’ instructions. These students also expressed their gratitude for their teachers as they made around hundred personalised cards meticulously and quite diligently for their teachers and mentors!

How unflinching this teacher-student bond must be which drove these AVM alumni residing in the USA, the UK and other countries to send a video clip expressing their gratitude and belongingness to their alma mater. As the programme proceeded, one more time it was reaffirmed how fortunate and blessed AVM students are when the backdrop screen showed His Divine Holiness’ noble efforts for the holistic nurturing of these students at AVM. Then the Principal of the school, Vijay Sir was invited on the stage to share his words of wisdom. Students listened to him attentively as his words filled students’ hearts with a broad sense of purpose and motivation towards being righteous and worthy recipients of Swamishree’s ever flowing blessings in the pursuit of academic excellence. The celebration continued as students took up the role of teachers for this one day and realized the dignity of this noble service.

Thus, it is indeed incredible that in such an era of cultural degradation outside, this Teachers’ Day programme was a delightful reassuring experience that AVM students are being fervently framed into an equilibrium, defying the pattern of modern Gen-Alpha’s indelicate traits. At AVM, the bond between a teacher and student is infused with equal proportions of discipline and affection and goes beyond the classroom and textbooks. So, once again, the chisel was sharpened, the sculptor set to wield it and the marble laid up to take the shape!!!!!!

Seema Ma’am