Unlike a few decades ago, present-day schooling and its future prospects demand a hectic, soul numbing, nerve-shattering, cut-throat competition for excellence in academics. Amidst all these, it is indeed hard to let loose time and schedule for the young students to get training and practice for their favourite sports. Nevertheless, Atmiya Vidya Mandir seeks to emulate a pattern through which students are provided an adequate time-duration to spend for sports and games and extra-curricular activities which consequently enhance concentration, attitude and academic achievements of the students. Table Tennis is one such sport, which is most liked by all AVM students regardless of the age group. Hence, Atmiya Vidya Mandir had recently organised an Inter house Table Tennis competition in which students of all age groups from Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam House participated enthusiastically.

As the eventful time approached, the tables were set, in the game arena. All the preparations were befitting enough to create a perfect pulse and excitement among students for this Inter House Table Tennis Competition. The competition was held for the Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior groups separately. Competition for each group was divided into two segments; the first event was a team event followed by an individual event of the Table-Tennis players. From each house 4 students participated.

In the very first contest, the delighted participants of the Sub-Junior group played with all their elated spirit in which Suhradam House players won by 3-1 and secured 1st position. For the next game, the cheers and applause by respective house members created a vivacious tempo for the spirited players. The match was among the Junior group of grades 7th and 8th. With the spinning of the ball into forward, backward, left, and right, the players of this group made a remarkable beginning. In this group- match, the Shivam House players showed great hand eye coordination by giving a tough challenge to Sundaram House players, who bounced back with swift back and forth movement of the paddles. However, the sharp focus and terrific footwork of Shivam House players brought them victory with the score of 3-0.

The thrill and vivacity had set in when the Senior group held the racket for the next and the last match of the series. From the sound of the ball hitting the table to the feel of it bouncing off their racket, the Senior group’s players showed new types of hits and tactics, which amazed the cheering crowd of the students. The Satyam House players spun the ball quite skilfully making it difficult for the opponent team of Shivam House players to make an apt move. However, towards the end, the anticipation grew and eagerness rose as the Shivam House team tried their best to manoeuvre their opponents around the table — hoping to open up a point winning opportunity. Quite expectedly, Shivam House team (with the motto – “Born to Prosper”) remained ‘prosperous’ by bagging more points (3-2) to secure their victory.

Though this competition ended but provided us a viewpoint in this context. If we think from a larger and broader perspective, we must acknowledge that amongst all successful and legendary Table Tennis players, from Monika Batra and Sathiyan Gnanasekaran along with Sharath Kamal, Neha Aggarwal, Ankita Das, Anthony Amalraj and all world-renowned table tennis players, the one trait which is common is that they all began practicing their arms on their choicest sport right from their very young age- during their schooling time. In an attempt to provide a similar conducive environment to the future sports legends, Atmiya Vidya Mandir stays committed to coach and engage students in their favourite sports and games as future India hopes that they will bring home the accolades one day!!!

Seema Ma’am