Atmiya Vidya Mandir witnessed a very thrilling Inter House Football Competition in early December 2019. With the vigorous training sessions coupled with all the excitement, this football tournament unfolded in three groups: Sub-Junior (Grades 4, 5, 6), Junior (Grades 7, 8) and Senior (Grades 9, 10, 11).

The youngest players, i.e. the Sub-Junior group hustled hard and courageously and the two qualifier matches (Shivam vs Sundaram and Satyam vs Suhradam) resulted in Satyam House and Sundaram House paving their way to the finals. The fierce and competitive final was in Satyam House’s favour as they won by 2-0. Suhradam House grabbed the third-place position from the blue army.

In the Junior group, the first match was played between Sundaram House and Suhradam House in which the latter snatched the victory but it was clearly seen that the crosses and passes were fabulous. Sahajbhai from Suhradam House was the sole person to score a goal in the entire match. The second match was played between Shivam House and Satyam House in which Shivam House had an easy victory with the score of 3-0 in which Mokshbhai scored 2 amazing goals followed by a goal of Pritbhai.

The third position match was played between Satyam House and Sundaram House. In this tough match, a brilliant goal by Kushbhai of Sundaram House helped them win the match.

The finalists left the audience in awe by portraying extraordinary skillset and eye-catching goals. Being the most interesting and entertaining match of this group, all the untiring players played in synergy. With goal-making free-kicks, daring penetrations through the defence and precise passing, it bore the result of 4-3 with Suhradam House being the champions. Sahajbhai and Ashishbhai both scored two goals for Suhradam House and for Shivam House, Ankitbhai, Poojanbhai and Pritbhai each scored a goal.

All the Senior group matches were breath-taking and action-packed, filled with spectacular goals. After the qualifiers, it was Satyam House and Shivam House who were to shake hands in the finals. Decked with sneaky crosses and a hoard of trickeries, the tables turned around with the blink of an eye making it more of a game of chess rather than a football match! Both the teams employed creative strategies which allowed neither of the teams to score or concede a goal. The accurate shooters of Satyam House led their house to a fantastic victory in the after-match penalties with the scoreboard showing 4-2 for Satyam House.

On account of entire competition, Satyam House stood first with 24 points. During the tournament, the unending hard work and the tremendous efforts put by our dear Tejas Sir and Naresh Sir were eloquently visible in the players’ skills.

Reported by: Kalp Patel, Manan Mehta (Class 11)