On 11th October, our school participated in the under 17 CBSE Cluster XIII – West Zone – Inter School Football Tournament 2019-20 held at Tapti Valley International School. A total of 35 schools participated in this three-day event competing for the title.

With numerous practise sessions and immense efforts of the coach and the trainers, our school team was prepared for the fair and fierce battles on the playfield. A particular zeal enveloped the hosting school with all the attendees. The arrangement of the event was carefully done with referees, well-marked grounds and unambiguous fixtures.

We had our first match in the evening against Atomic Energy Central School, Kakrapar. After the group photo, handshakes and brief meet amongst our mates, the whistle was blown. It was an intense match with both sides keen to put the ball in the other’s net. The match was a demonstration of strategic passes and skilful shoots. Finally, the first half ended with the scoreboard showing 1-0 in our favour. After the exhausting first half, the players charged themselves with not only energy supplements but also with the words of motivation from our coaches and got prepared for the second half. We had the majority of the possession in the beginning and made several defends. Eventually, the game developed and with very good synchronisation amongst our forwards, we ducked the ball in the opponent’s net holding stronger to our lead. But not losing any spirits, the opponents too showcased their talent and scored a goal against us in the last few moments of the match. Despite this unfortunate event, our school won that match with a score of 2-1 and returned back to the school in the evening itself filled with confidence and joy.

Our second match was scheduled on 12th October against N. G. International School, Mehsana. Our team players, encouraged by the words of our well-wishers, reached the ground in the morning and started preparing for the upcoming match. After a few practise drills and short warm-up sessions, we prayed for strength and then lined up for the match. The whistle finally blew.

A match between two winners is never easy. Players from both ends demonstrated their skills and played to achieve a common motive – to be victorious. After a spirited and mesmerizing first half, the score was ‘nil-nil’. Marching forth into the second half, things were smooth and easy until the opponents penetrated our defence line and booked a goal leaving everyone dismayed but more alert. Our team put up a good fight to this future runners-up team and the match ended with the score of 3-nil in their favour.

Though disheartened, our coaches and senior players never let our morale down. This tournament gave us a platform to practice our team skills in real life, taught us to keep the never give up spirit, strengthened the coach-trainee relationship and more importantly, taught us how to keep our internal balance by seeking God’s strength.

Reported by: Kalp Patel, Manan Mehta (Class 11)