Two weeks of rigorous practice was for a reason… it was for a purpose… the basic shots, posture, fitness and the most important – a patient mind was the cause. At last, all this ended up for a reason.

All this was done to achieve a common goal, something unique, which only a few get a chance of claiming. All this was for holding the trophy with a shiny metallic ball on a stand.

It was a golden opportunity for all the 16 sportsmen who had participated in the Inter House Table Tennis competition from each of the categories: Sub Junior, Junior and Senior.

Stretching from 17th July till 21st July of 2019, the competition had two events: teams and individual.

With the help of Devang Sir and other Sports Teachers, the participants worked hard and long and all were able to enjoy the competition to the fullest.

Sustaining such great enthusiasm and zeal throughout the event in the Sub Junior group, it was the Satyam House and Sundaram House that continued their journey to the Finals. In the Junior group, the young sportsmen with purple strips and the blue army led their way to the Finals. Satyam House along with Sundaram House marched their way into the finals in the Senior group.

The highly intense part of the competition was the individual event in which 16 players of each of the groups participated, out of which, only one would stand undefeated at the end. At last in the finals were:

  • Sub Junior group: Advait bhai vs Mitul bhai
  • Junior group: Kashyap bhai vs Veer bhai
  • Senior group: Dev bhai vs Nirmaan bhai

And bagging the first position and crowning themselves were Advait bhai, Veer bhai and Nirmaan bhai from each group respectively. And Mitul bhai, Kashyap bhai and Dev bhai secured the second position in the respective groups.

After all this, we witnessed the closing of this enthusiastic and heart touching competition, in which there were many who won and many who lost. But the ideals of “We Are One” and “Atmiyata” prevailed in everyone’s hearts making this event a fierce yet fair competition.

The final results are below:











SATYAM 10 08 08 26 1st
SHIVAM 06 10 06 22 2nd
SUNDARAM 08 04 10 22 2nd
SUHRADAM 04 06 04 14 3rd

Reported by: Virat Rohit and Dev Bandhiya (Class 10)