On 24th June 2019, came the Investiture Ceremony when the school officially invests power into the newly elected Students Council. Another objective of the Investiture Ceremony is to inaugurate the new academic year. The chief guests of the ceremony were Pujya Suhradswamiji and Pujya Santvatsalswamiji. The event was hosted by Jagratbhai Sandesara and Harshbhai Hingu of 11th Commerce.

The first performance of the ceremony was a wonderful song presented by our 18 younger brothers from standards 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th on the song ‘I have a dream’ (Westlife). Following that was the march-past by the newly elected council members and the pinning of their badges. The new council members were then administered the oath by our respected principal Dr. Vijay Patel. Following this, the newly elected Head Boy Harshilbhai received the opportunity to share his thoughts on this ceremonious occasion. In his speech he beautifully conveyed to all how blessed this year is and the importance of the upcoming 2020 Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav.

Further into the program, our dance teacher Manish Sir and his team came up with a mind-blowing performance on the song ‘Sapna re’. The dance revolved around a boy dreaming of becoming the Head Boy. Moving on with the program, our principal Vijay Sir gave an enlightening speech on our duties and responsibilities as students and as bhoolkus of Swamishree. Thereafter, we were blessed with the divine words of Pujya Suhradswamiji, who after reaffirming Vijay Sir’s words, laid stress on the fact that we must study hard and please our parents so as to ultimately please God in all our endeavours.

After all the speeches were over, the ceremony was brought to an end with the lighting of ceremonial diya (candle) to signify the burning lights of knowledge to shoo away the darkness of ignorance.

Along with this came our prayers:

હે સ્વામીજી, અમે આળસ અને પ્રમાદ રાખ્યા વગર, ખુબજ hardwork કરીએ અને minimum 70% લાવીએ, જેથી અમારા parents રાજી થાય.

હે સ્વામીજી, અમે સુહ્રદસ્વામીજી અને teachers સાથે એવી દોસ્તી રાખીએ કે અમે અમારા આત્મા ની સેવા કરી શકીએ.

અને હે સ્વામીજી, અમને એવું બળ આપજો કે અમે એક બીજા સાથે ખરેખર આત્મીય બની ને આપને રાજી કરી શકીએ.

The ceremony then ended with singing of the school song.

Reported by: Akshar M. Patel & Darshan C. Patel (11 Commerce)