1st December started like any other normal Saturday, until it was made exciting by the news of the arrival of the Shiv Nadar University officials. The fact that was unveiled to us by Paramrut Sir that Nishant Sir, Neeraj Sir and Swati Ma’am had come down to Atmiya Vidya Mandir from Mumbai and Delhi, just for us to gain a good insight into SNU’s multidisciplinary education system and the advantages that multidisciplinary education provides irrespective of the field we can take up in future.

It is such an education system that offers a dynamic combination of different fields, which provides students an opportunity to learn different and diverse subjects at a time in order to learn the required skills which would help them excel in different careers. But such kind of education system is available only at a handful of universities in India and Shiv Nadar University is one such place, making it a perfect place to land over after completing high school.

During the session, Nishant Sir firstly explained how the Multidisciplinary Education System functions at Shiv Nadar University and its many advantages over the conventional education system. Further he informed us about the very generous scholarships offered by SNU and the eligibility criteria. This was followed by a very interactive Question/Answer session that helped us gain knowledge about credits, majors and minors. All in all, it was a very interesting and a comprehensively informative session.

Shiv Nadar University, a home now to lot of Atmiyans, has been a great support to our former students and will remain so in future.

Reported by: Jagrat Patel, Gaurav Kawedia, Megh Rathod, Maitray Jariwala (Class 11)