On 3rd October, Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s football team participated in the U-17 District level Khel Mahakumbh organized at Essar International School, Surat. In total, 27 teams participated with an endeavour to win the tournament.

According to the fixtures, our 1st match was against RMG Vidyalaya. It was an easy and straightforward victory not demanding much efforts. The match ended with a score of 4-0. Both Aarinbhai and Shreemadbhai proved their skills with the former scoring one and the latter scoring two. One goal was gifted to us by the opponent.

The next was to be played against Fountainhead School, Surat. Our team played with spirit, enthusiasm and unity with the sole aim of emerging triumphant. But the game did not go in our favour and in the end, we lost to Fountainhead with a score of 2-0.

As a result, our team was knocked out of the tournament.

Reported by: Manan Mehta (Class 10)