An Inspiring Team Effort by AVM at the Khel Mahakumbh – U-17 Basketball Competition 2018-19

When it comes to basketball, it is certainly not for the lazy and unfit. It is a very competitive game, requiring a lot of vigour and stamina. But thankfully, it was not impossible for us.

On 4th October 2018, our school team participated full of fire and fury in the Khel Mahakumbh – U-17 Basketball Competition 2018-19. It was expected to be fascinating because the level of competition was great. The team was led by none other than our sports captain, Dhrumilbhai himself.

The draws were done and the fixtures were ready. Our first match was to be played against Essar International School. The score was 0-0 until the first timeout was taken. Then, our team gave its heart and soul to secure our place in the quarter-finals with a score of 10-1.

The quarter-final was against Vidyamangal School. It was going to be a tough time as the match was to be played at noon. But rain or shine, we inclined to victory. At the end, the scoreboard said 22-2. It was a great team effort securing our place in the semi-finals.

Due to unexpected delays, the semis were postponed to the next day. On 5th October 2018, we played the semi-finals against Vasishtha Vidhyalaya. Despite great efforts, our team lost with a score of 13-6.

But in no condition did we want to return empty-handed. The third-place match was fixed against P. P. Savani International School. Lots of shoots, free throws, blocks, fouls, lay-ups. At the end, the match was in our favour, the score was 23-10. We secured the third place and won some cash prize.

To add icing to the cake, Dhrumilbhai, Harshilbhai and Tirthbhai got selected to participate in the state-level competition.

Congratulations to Bankim Sir, Jignesh Sir, Hitesh Sir and the captain and his team, for such an excellent effort.

Reported by: Harshil Patel, Dhrumil Patel (Class 10)