Woven around the slogan of “WE ARE ONE”, the Inter House Table Tennis Competition 2018-19 turned out a spectacular event. It was help from 24th to 28th July 2018. The court remained flooded with countless cheers and was bustling with great energy of the enthusiastic spectators. The participants too showed a lot of energy and discipline.

In this competition, the participants were divided into three categories:

  • Sub Junior group (classes 4th to 6th)
  • Junior group (classes 7th and 8th)
  • Senior group (classes 9th to 11th)

Four players from every house participated in each of the above category.

The competition had two events:

  • Individual
  • Team

Due to the constant efforts put by Devang Sir (our school’s TT coach) and other sports teachers, the participants received training and guidance for a month to get prepared for the competition. This resulted in more excitement in the competition.

Though the competition was tough and gave some breath-taking moments, but with sheer determination and true grit, Shivam House was able to make their way to the finals in all the groups.

Shivam House boys faced Satyam House in Sub Junior, Sundaram House in Junior and again Satyam House in the Senior group. However, Satyam House bagged the trophy in the Sub Junior and Senior groups. While Sundaram House made themselves the owner of the trophy in the Junior group.

In the individual events, the finals in the Sub Junior group was played between Kashyapbhai of Satyam House and Veerbhai of Shivam House. In the Junior group, it was played between Niramaybhai and Kushalbhai both of Sundaram House, and in the Senior group it was played between Nirmaanbhai of Shivam House and Rushaybhai of Satyam House.

From these matches, Kashyapbhai, Niramaybhai and Nirmaanbhai came out victorious in their respective groups.

When the competition was declared closed, some participants received laurels and praises, while the others learnt some important lessons to strive for success in future competition.

The most valuable message, however, that the competition gave to all is to keep the flame of “WE ARE ONE” burning bright no matter what.

The final results are shown below:

SATYAM 10 04 10 24 1ST
SHIVAM 08 08 08 24 1ST
SUNDARAM 06 10 06 22 2ND
SUHRADAM 04 06 04 14 3RD

Reported by: Nirman Jaiswal, Abhay Patel (Class 9)