No better way to know about a college or university than to directly have a first-hand account from those who are a part of it. And so, the students of 11th standard got to know about the various courses offered by Shiv Nadar University (SNU) and how things worked there.

On 21st December 2017, the alumni of Atmiya Vidya Mandir who were pursuing higher education at SNU held an informal yet informative session about life at SNU with the students of Std 11. The group included Yaksh Bhai, Uttam Bhai and Utkarsh Bhai who were in their 2nd year at SNU, along with Vaishvik Bhai, Bhavya Bhai and Abhitya Bhai who were in their 1st year at SNU. Virat Bhai who is currently studying Architecture at VVNagar, had also joined in.

They gave a brief overview about the programmes they were pursuing at the University. The curious audience got to know about the undergraduate research opportunities and the extensive support that SNU offers. Such opportunities are a rarity in our country and Shiv Nadar University is one such place which offers it. Moreover, we learnt about the highly flexible curriculum that the University offered that allowed one to pursue a completely different subject through Minor option along with the chosen major.

Overall, the session gave the 11th grade students a bird’s eye view of the working of the University as well as the ethics that a true student should make a part of his life. As the alumni departed, goals were set and spirits were high for the upcoming challenges of schooling life.

Reported by: Manan Dudhwala & Kevin Chauhan (Class 11 Science)