5th September is the day that all the students, nationwide, try to make an effort to do something which will never be accomplished completely – to thank their teachers. And so the students of AVM set off to make this attempt which would remain futile no matter how hard they tried.

Students of Std 11 started to put their noses in grindstone to try to make their teachers as happy as possible. In 15 days, the students had to come up with the best of their ideas combined for celebrating this grand function in the best possible manner.

The event theme was set such that since the Std 11 students were busy with planning for the event, they left out on the hosting. And that is when the alumni Lalitbhai Desai (played by Darshanbhai Patel) and Arpitbhai Trapasiya (played by SiddharthBhai Borderwala) came to our rescue. They could not keep their nostalgia suppressed as they reached the gates of AVM.

The event started with the pujan of Thakorji. Following this, the “alumni hosts” described their days when they were students at AVM. They became full of emotions and some of the passion came out as a song on the subjects taught at school. But they thought that the singing part was better left to the 11th graders of AVM who then performed on the tear provoking song – ‘Tu jo mila’. After his own exasperating singing performance, one of the alumni hosts wondered why the 11th graders were so busy that they left out the hosting part. To this, the other alumnus answered in the form of a drama which showed how flabbergasted the 11th graders were when they truly realised how dedicated their teachers are.

Then, the 11th graders decided to do something new and memorable on this Teachers’ Day. The drama ended with conveying of gratitude of all the students with the help of two videos of classes 7-12 (and other alumni) and classes 1-6. The first video comprised of an acknowledgement and a promise given by the students of classes 7-12 to the teachers. And the second video (classes 1-6) comprised of poems recited by the little brothers of AVM from the bottom of their hearts, thanking the teachers for their dedication. Listening to this, the other alumnus host was shocked to know how tirelessly the 11th graders had worked.

They symbolised their teachers as madari, meaning, puppeteers and the students as jamoora meaning puppets. To let people see their thoughts visually, the talented students of AVM gave a dance performance on the song ‘Madari’. The relation between students and teachers was brilliantly depicted by symbolising it with the guide and the followers relation.

After the dancers were finished giving goose bumps to the audience, the alumni hosts introduced our dearest principal Dr. Vijay Patel as the captain of the AVM ship to address the passengers and the crew members of the ship. To offer him their gratitude, the 11th graders presented Vijay Sir a card filled with heartfelt thanks for his dedication. And that is how we marked the end of yet another Teachers’ Day celebration.

But before wrapping it all up, there was one last thing to do, which was to put together the puzzle pieces and reveal the theme of the celebration. And so, the alumni hosts went ahead to show the big picture. The school, they revealed, is a giant ship which is captained by our respected principal Vijay Sir. To assist him, we have the crew members of the ship, who are our teachers. To always stay en route the path of success and happiness, we have saints who act as an anchor in our lives. And the passengers, the students, are the most fortunate people to be on a ship which constantly sails on the path leading to success and happiness. And the most important of all is the lighthouse, which is Param Pujya Swamishree’s presence in our life. No matter how dark the sky is, just like a lighthouse guides a ship to reach the harbour, Swamiji guides us towards the path of righteousness.

And hence, Samarpan 2017, a very unique and grand Teachers’ Day celebration, came to an end here. The students left the hall with a blown-off mind and the teachers with their hearts touched.

And the Day ended by students distributing cards and gifts to the teachers in the staffrooms.

Reported by: Nisarg, Aayush, Naman (11 Commerce)