Yoga plays a very vital role in our life to enhance our physical as well as our mental health. Practicing yoga can be extremely beneficial because it has a very prominent characteristic of making our mind stable and stress-free even during hard times. Besides improving our mental health, yoga also has a significant benefit of reducing the possibilities of our body succumbing to diseases.

The practice of yoga can be traced back to thousands of years when rishimunis used to perform yoga as a part of their daily routine. Yoga was responsible for increasing their life expectancy and also enhancing their health. But as time passed, the importance of yoga diminished and this wonderful art was lost in the plethora of people’s daily worldly tasks in the modern-day life.

Therefore, to revive the importance of yoga in our daily life, our dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi worked very hard to have 21st June declared as International Day of Yoga. As a result, today, people across the globe practice yoga on a daily basis to cope with their daily schedule and make life cheerful, happy and healthy.

We celebrated this day of tribute to yoga at our school on 21st June. The session was very informative and enriching. The event started with the host explaining the importance of yoga in one’s daily life and how yoga is beneficial to us throughout our life. It was then followed by a performance of 12 Surya Namaskars i.e. the 12 different positions of the Sun God. Thereafter, pranayam were practised. These included Anulom-Vilom, Kapaalbhaati and Bhramari.

Throughout the session, different aasans were performed. These included trikonaasan, shashaankaasan, ustraasan and halaasan. As the aasans were being performed by the students, their positive effects on our body and significant advantages were explained by our yoga teacher. All the students tried their best to perform the posture as instructed and demonstrated by the teacher. Towards the end of the session, all the students felt newfound energy and enthusiasm flowing within them.

Essentially, yoga is very beneficial for our body from every aspect and so must be practised every day to live a healthy, happy and successful life.

Written by: Shivang Patel (Class 10), Ritesh Sir