It was 18th of March and the temperature was at its peak, but at the same time, there was tranquility in the mind of the four presenters standing in the air-conditioned auditorium of Atmiya Vidya Mandir school. The four presenters were Meet Bhai, Shreemad Bhai, Dev Bhai and Jagrat Bhai. They felt such calmness in their minds because they had realized that they are not going to present this book review alone. They knew that they have Purvesh Sir, Prajval Sir, and of course Swamishree with them.

As the time passed, the stage was cleared, the screen was brought down, the auditorium was filled with students (of classes 9, 10 and 11) along with their teachers and Jay Bhai announced the commencement of the book review of the book EAT THAT FROG written by Brian Tracy.

The first presenter was Jagrat Bhai, he explained to the audience the cover page, the punch line, the author and his background. He explained the book, chapter by chapter. The second presenter was Meet Bhai, he stressed on the importance of listing of tasks and then prioritizing them. He further explained that, as we prioritize our list of tasks, we will find our most important task. And pressed on the importance of starting our day doing that most important task. The third presenter was Dev Bhai, he emphasized on setting goals and prioritizing them as well. He further added that after we prioritize our goals, we will find the most important goal; we must try to accomplish that goal first and then move on to others. The fourth and the last presenter was Shreemad Bhai, he focused on the bad influence of social media and also highlighted the benefits of staying away from them. At the end of each chapter was an AVM TOOL KIT which gave useful tips on how an AVM student can minimize his procrastination, when at school.

In the end, there was a short, jocular interaction between presenters and the audience and after that Jay Bhai came and concluded the book review session.

Meet Patel, Shreemad Patel, Dev Patel and Jagrat Mashru (11 Commerce)