On February 2nd 2017, students of Std 10 left AVM hungry and thirsty, not for food and drink, but for knowledge and out of the class learning experiences.

The quest for this knowledge started at around 9 a.m., took us through the vast fields of sugarcane and brought us to Madhi Sugar Factory at around 10.15 a.m.

The warm hospitality topped up with savoury snacks boosted everyone up for the proceedings. From humongous heaps of sugarcane to small micro granules of sugar, the journey taught us more than we expected.

The factory’s machines devoured sugarcane sticks and extracted the juice out of them for further processing at the end of which it was then granulated to form sugar. The frothing solution which was black gets converted to white. The white solution got processed to granules and then separated into various types and packed and then shipped to godowns.

The students were then informed about the distillery unit which processed the molasses. The chairman of the factory, Shri Samir Bhakta explained to us the impact of demonetization on the industry and applauded Prime Minister Modiji’s move.

The students with satisfied minds and hungry stomachs then went for lunch. After a hearty meal of pizzas, pastas and exotic salads, the students went to see the paper mill. We were thoroughly explained how recycled paper was manufactured. Indeed, the our thirst of knowledge was quenched and we all understood how the paper we write on was made.

Then we moved to Eden Homes for a refreshing swim, a sumptuous dinner of dosas and fun-filled dance.

We finally returned to AVM with a thought unanimously on everyone’s mind, that knowledge isn’t just confined within walls of our classes, rather, the world out there is an extension to our classrooms.

Students of Class 10