The 13th Atmiya Annual Athletic Meet ended with a splendid ceremony. Each medallist was befittingly appreciated by each and every house. The medal tally was really close for the runners-up trophy. But, for the first time in 13 years of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the Satyam House won the runners-up trophy. Amidst all the sweat and shouts, the house cheered in all its glory as its captain, Khushalbhai Mehta, received the gleaming silver-gold trophy from Vijay Sir.

The winner trophy, quite comfortably, was won by Shivam House for the second time in a row and was warmly received by the house captain Siddharthbhai Borderwala, amidst the confetti and the unanimous shouts from all the houses. The sports team was also spiritedly appreciated by all the students.

After the vote of thanks by school sports captain, Karanbhai Desai, the meet was officially declared closed by lowering down the flags and dousing the all-seeing sacred torch.

In the hindsight, the one thing that everyone felt was that “WE ARE ONE” was no more a slogan on a piece of paper. It pumped in every vein of every single person present on the ground.

Class 10 Students