All the members of the Atmiya Parivar gathered around the swimming pool on 13th September 2016 to celebrate Jal Jhilani Ekadashi – the ritual of boat riding of God.

A sagacious speech was delivered by Honourable Principal, Dr. Vijay Patel. He explained the significance of Jal Jhilani Ekadashi along with inspiring episodes from Lord Swaminarayan’s and Lord Krishna’s lives. The episodes were explained so elaborately that they paved a new way of life in the tender minds of students.  A devotional-hearted aarti was performed to seek the blessings and bliss of God.

The holy boat ride of God was the most delightful and blissful experience of the celebration. A beautifully decorated boat, with the divine murti of Thakorji was taken on a small heart-felt and fun-filled ride in the pool. The pool water was further decorated with flower petals and balloons. Students of all the classes took their turn in giving ride to Thakorji in the well decorated boat in the pool, gently and devotionally.

The prasad of cucumber and candy was distributed to conclude the event. Such an event which is symbolic of the need for all of us to surrender our entirety to the Lord. Along with the atmosphere, every heart was also filled with joy and spiritual fervour.

Chirag Sir