On 24th April 2016, when the world was celebrating the birthday of master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, students of AVM gave their seniors a mind blowing farewell.

The theme of the function was journey towards happiness and success depicted in form of a base camp set up in the school prayer hall and mountains on the stage with the peaks titled as: “Happiness” and “Success”. The hall was marked with a trek all across and shone with elegance with more than 300 guests, including the graduating Class of 2016 students and their parents.

It was an eventful 3 hours journey. There were glimpses on the huge screen on stage which showed the transformation of the students. A wonderful song was presented by a team of junior students. It was followed by a skit which showed the flashback of their life and how they were taken care of, loved and blessed in the school. A video presentation was then shown based on real life experiences of Agambhai Shah (Class of 2013) depicting his progress and the unique advantage he had being an AVM student.

An all-important video of Swamishree’s blessings inspired not only our seniors, but all of us present in the hall. Swamishree outlined the most important aspects of our journey towards happiness and success making us alert and blessing us on our journey.

During the function, all the students were presented with gifts as a token of love from the school. On behalf of the batch, Sumitbhai came up on the stage to share highlights of their journey at AVM and to thank the AVM Parivaar for their unconditional love. Then came a heart touching dance which brought tears in the eyes of the audience.

As the function approached towards its end, our school principal, Vijay Sir came up to motivate the students to continue working hard and to keep faith throughout their life. The function ended with the speech of Pujya Fuvaji who gave spiritual guidance to the students and thanked the parents for their trust in the school.

In the ‘basecamp’ like setup of the prayer hall, the outgoing students gained the appreciation that their summits of happiness and success would be impossible to achieve without qualities depicted through milestones on the trek in the hall: enthusiasm, determination, prayer, faith, perseverance, persistent hard work, grit, synergy, atmiyata, seva and vinamrata.

The students and guests were then guided to an exhibition which was setup as a tribute to these students of Class of 2016. It was creatively designed in form of tents and had their portraits and unique qualities together with mountaineering gear, symbolic of the values and abilities that would help them climb their summits.

The day concluded with a delicious dinner for all on the school basketball court.

What an end and what a beginning!

Cherished by: 11th Standard (AVM Class of 2017)