As a part of the book review project, the students of class 11 Commerce had to read a book assigned to them and then present their review on it. The four books chosen to be reviewed by the class were:

  1. The Magic of Thinking Big (author: David Schwartz)
  2. Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future (author: Ashlee Vance)
  3. Great By Choice (authors: Jim Collins and Morten Hansen)
  4. Centrestage: Inside the Narendra Modi Model of Governance (author: Uday Mahurkar)

Our team got the chance to present a book review on “Centrestage” on 18th April 2016. The school auditorium was literally packed up with students of classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and our teachers who had all gathered to attend the presentation. Not a single seat was empty in the auditorium, such was the all-pervading excitement!

The book is authored by Uday Mahurkar – a senior editor with India Today and a political analyst. We found the book to be a collection of incredible initiatives for the betterment of Gujarat, taken by our past CM, Narendrabhai Modi.

Our Cover Page:
Centrestage - Coverpage
The saga starts with the development of the agriculture sector highlighting how the state underwent transformation from deficit of grains to surplus production by the time Mr. Modi resigned from the post of CM.

The second part describes how he drove the development of the Kankaria Lake and the deserted area of Kutch into places of tourism.

The third part is how our past CM Mr. Modi thought of developing the field of sports in Gujarat. He established the state’s main sporting event named Khel Mahakhumbh and gave it the feel of Olympic Games.

In the fourth part, the author describes the fiscal turnaround of the state.

Furthermore, our group members discussed the more recent initiatives taken by Narendrabhai Modi being at the centre of the country as the Prime Minister of India. We presented information on the “Digital India” and “Make in India” projects led by him.

This book best describes how a state should be governed to achieve the best possible results. It shows the qualities that a good leader must have to achieve something great. We understood that among many other qualities that he has, his long-term vision is one of the most important ones that Mr. Modi has as a leader.

The “Centrestage” Team:
Kashish Yadav
Nikunj Aggarwal
Aman Patel
Diven Patel