Outing means a trip taken for pleasure,
especially one lasting a day or less.But AVM students define it as –
Outing means – Lots of Fun
Outing means – a day full of enjoyment
Outing means – unlimited excitement
Outing means –a lot of laughter
Outing means – games, play, rides,….entertainment
What if cricket is added in it. It is like icing on the cake.Outing helps us to imbibe some values also.
It helps us to come closer to each other.
Outing gives us a chance to experience how much pleasure we get by giving, by sharing, and by caring each other.For the students of Std. 4 to 6, swimming in the pool was enthralling and added more fun to the trip.
And thus outing fills us with the joy of contentment.
So, we did when we went to Capital Farm
for just half day outing.

Written by: Students of AVM

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