After Suhradam House celebrated the remarkable value of Grit and a very joyful celebration of Anand Divas on 14th November, it was the privilege of Satyam House to celebrate the life and message of Nilkanth Varni. Regular daily assemblies were designed to give the essence of Nilkanth’s spiritual journey through the chosen episodes in a cultural set up of its original style and speech. It would start with Thakorji’s poojan and would follow with elucidation of two episodes a day, wherein, a student in traditional attire would read the episodes and the other would present the visuals on screen for the same. The reading and explanation was done in the form of ‘parayan’, a typical cultural way of narrating God’s acts. By the end of assembly, a video clip from the movie ‘Mystic India’ was shown to aid better understanding of Nilkanth’s journey and its purpose. This series ended on Friday with special a parayan by respected Pushpak Sir.

The week was concluded with a heart touching creative assembly on Saturday, “નીલકંઠ વર્ણી ની કલ્યાણ યાત્રા”. Bal Ghanshyam left His home at the age of 11 and was later known as Nilkanth Varni during His spiritual journey. He travelled to various places of pilgrimage across the length and breadth of India for more than seven years. During His penance, He undertook several austerities. Many interesting anecdotes found in the various accounts of Nilkanth’s life, which may awaken the varied interest of the students were highlighted to inspire them to higher spiritual endeavour. Few of its glimpses are as follow.A young and innocent boy of age 11 has gone through a very tough journey, bare foot, facing extremely difficult situations where temperature is −40° C; which makes it almost impossible to survive for any human being. He also faced severe heat, rain and hailstones. Many a times He went without food and water. He lived between poisonous reptiles, insects and wild animals. He passed through the forests, over the mountains and through deep valleys. Barefooted, Nilkanth toured all the way without any conveniences.Why had this boy gone to harsh forests? What was the purpose of His journey? How come He moved so fearlessly? Answering these, Nilkanth says “My journey is for the kalyan (the ultimate liberation) of countless lives”.

Nilkanth travelled across India and parts of Nepal in search of a true master and a true spiritual abode. In order to find such a pure and pious place, Nilkanth Varni would ask five the most mystic questions – What is Jiva? What is Ishwara? What is Maya? What is Brahma? What is Parabrahma? And in 1799, after seven years of journey, in the village of Loj in Saurashtra (Gujarat), Nilkanth Varni met Muktanand Swami, who was a senior disciple of Ramanand Swami. Muktanand Swami answered the five questions to Nilkanth’s satisfaction and He then decided to stay for the opportunity to meet Ramanand Swami. He eventually met Ramanand Swami after a few months, after which he decided to stay there itself and hence completed His journey.

The play not only inspired the students to fight against the hardships of life but also sparked an insight for faith and belief in the purpose of Supreme. Satyam House with all the students, didis and teachers tried to contribute their best to justify the several aspects of Nilkanth’s Kalyan Yatra.

Written by: Kshitij Sir

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