Inter House Skating Competition 2013-14

Stronger foundations are the reason for the stability and strength of a tall building. Likewise in sports, stronger domestic competitions often lead to a strong showing outside of the school.

Skating has always been one of the favorite sports at AVM. Skating can often give you the thrill of speed but also make you realize the importance of balance in our lives. Therefore it was not a surprise that students were very excited to participate in the inter house skating competition. As per the school policy of ‘safety first’, all the students were ready with their protective gears for this very exciting competition.

This year, for the very first time the Beginners group was included through which as young as the students of class 3 participated in the competition. There were also separate groups for Sub Juniors, Juniors and Seniors. Students participated for long as well as short distance races.

Not for the first time this year, the students of Satyam house showed their superiority on the field and swept the competition with a record margin with Sundaram house a distant second.


Here are the results of the competition.

The inter house competition showcased the talent of students along with their will to maintain very high standards. Such a level of skill and commitment, was later rewarded with some excellent performances at the district level. AVM swept the U-14 competition at the district level and three of them were selected to represent the district at the state level later this year.

Below are the students who have made the school proud.

Durgesh Gami (9B) – First

Vishrut Patel (9A) – Second
Hrushi Patel (9A) – Third 

On behalf of AVM family we would like to congratulate the three of them on this achievement.