Are kids Safe Online?

How many parents, teachers and mentors are worried when they see their little ones surfing online on their own?

Yes, very much…. would be the answer of all.

Then the very next question that would come to their mind would be: how can we help the children learn what is right and good for them and have a control over what they can do online?

Bewildered by the same question, Kidzui was formed. Kidzui is a web browser built for children, which is easy to use with access to large set of diverse online content and activities. Above all, the basic version of this web browser is FREE !!!!! for all.

This is not just any other product which was created to build a fortune, but a serious product because it was built with input from a diverse team of teachers and parents who went online and found the best content around for kids. The best part is that the parents and the teachers can approve the content that they want their kids to enjoy and this can be done easily without applying the buggy filters that block content. So give it a try and make learning fun for your kids.

There are some other popular sites like these which are worth attention of everyone who takes education seriously and are as follows:
: Videos, Games and a lot of information for both kids and teachers. A wide variety of easy to use resources for teachers. This is a video site powered by google which has loads of content for children. Excellent Moral based stories and more..
Nortel LearnIT A very good site with interesting resources for teachers and kids.
Oracle Think Quest Education Foundation Worth visiting… Students can create projects online.
Teachers Tap Professional Development Resources for Educators.

Enjoy and Keep Sharing !!!!!!!!!!!