Champions: The Surat Inter School Table Tennis Tournament 2009-2010

We feel proud to announce that the under 17 boys team of Atmiya Vidya Mandir won the Surat Inter School Table Tennis Tournament on 23rd Feb 2010 which was organized by Delhi Public School, Surat.

About 20 schools from the area participated in this tournament and the following students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir came out to be the champions of the tournament:

  1. Saurabh Biyani           Std 9th
  2. Anand Kalawadiya       Std 9th
  3. Manav Patel               Std 9th

In the Pre-quarter finals the AVM team beat the team of Ryan International School by 3-0, in the quarter final round we beat the Sanskar Bharti School by 3-2, in the semi-final round we beat Delhi Public School by 3-1 and in the finals we beat Bhulka Vihar School by 3-2.

After winning the championship the team said, that they would not have been successful without the hard work and training provided to them by all the sports teachers at the school and especially Bhaumik Sir who is their table tennis coach.

On behalf of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir family we heartily congratulate the winning team and their coach.

Chak De AVM!

Submitted By:
AVM Sports Teachers

Learning for Life

Hungry birds have always been a problem for farmers. Sometimes the birds eat so much corn or wheat that a farmer and his family would not have enough food to last through the winter. So, for more than 3000 years, farmers have been making scarecrows.

But the ones made here at Atmiya Vidya Mandir were erected by the class of 4th division with the help of their Gujarati Language teacher. These students have a poetry on scarecrows in their coursework/syllabus and for the introduction of the poem their teacher built a scare crow in the neem garden on the campus. When the children saw the scarecrow they said it would be very difficult for somebody to build one, but were positively challenged by their teacher to build their own. Under the guidance of the teacher the students together built the first prototype. The students were then divided into teams who created many other such Scarecrows. It seemed that the little champions erected these bogeyman’s to protect their beloved neem trees.

Confucius once said ‘You hear and you forget you see and you remember you do and you understand’.

Each child in this class now remembers the poem and even if they forget the lines, they have understood the meaning and importance of scarecrows for life.

Learning at Atmiya Vidya Mandir happens round the clock. A typical Science class for 8th standard on a particular day began at 9:54 pm on the terrace of the new school building. 42 students of class 8th with their teacher observed the moon through a telescope magnified at 160 X zoom and experienced beautiful craters on the moon. The curiosity of the students then rose to such an extent that they wanted to explore more and some said they wanted to find their own K-Pax. To challenge these inspirers the science teacher gave them a project and asked them to select any celestial object in the solar system – planet, satellite, comet, asteroid anything in the solar system and asked them to inform him why they were interested in that object. But he also made them think by asking a critical thinking question that if their research team is funded by our dear Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh with Rs 10,000 crore for their project what would they do?
All the teams did impressive research work and some of their original ideas are as follows:

  1. Setting up an Internet hub on Mars with a telecommunication satellite hovering over Mars.
  2. Sending plants and insect samples on Mars and see how life if any is affected on the planet.
  3. Coating their Venus Exploration spacecraft with platinum so the sulphuric acid clouds of Venus does not bother their mission.
  4. Young authors – this group started writing fiction – they said they went to Mercury and found a dead alien which they brought back to earth and are now going to spend the money on doing research on the alien. (X-files Returns – what will Scully and Moulder do?)
  5. Creating drilling equipment for their Mission to Europa (one of Jupiter’s many moons) so that they could drill easily through the frozen surface and will check if there is life under the ice sheets there!

It is said that Ye can lead a man to university but you cannot make a man think. But can you say the same about the children of Atmiya Vidya Mandir?

Republic Day celebration at AVM

Republic Day celebration at AVMIn a befitting tribute to the nation on the occasion of 60th Republic Day celebrations, the management staff and students organized a simple but a meaningful ceremony to salute the nation and express solidarity with it as its being continuously tested, trying to grapple with severe problems of internal and international tensions, at the same time keeping the economy afloat progressing in the wake of global recession.The threats of regionalism, linguistic divisions, external aggressions and terrorist bloodbath are looming large over the Indian nation and the need of the hour is to confront them with courage, upholding the dignity of the citizens, at the same time keeping the country united, as was said by a staff member to the gathering.The management representative, Mr. Haresh Patel further urged the members of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir family to take a pledge to spread the message of “Atmiyata” and contribute towards making India energy efficient by saving energy.The ceremony concluded with the school vibrating with the spirit of patriotism through heart rendering patriotic songs sung by the school choir group represented by students and led by Mr. Somnath Mitra, their mentor and Music instructor at the school.Report by: Rupashree Asthana

The Tradition of Initiatives

The basic philosophy of education at Atmiya Vidya Mandir is to develop the innate critical and creative thinking capabilities of children. All the children are born with a unique talent. The child should be given his own space to explore, adapt and flourish through learning and experiencing variety of things. Teaching at Atmiya Vidya Mandir is aimed at holistic development of a child; we truly believe that creativity is not an inherent skill or only for those with a talent for it; it could be successfully taught to and used by people of any age, walk of life or cultural background.
We need to start looking at our children 10 years from now and help them develop skills that they can use then. We provide resources, recognition, and ample of opportunities to our students, their parents and teachers for the development of the students’ optimal educational potential. We empower the teachers and learners with a new set of skills to read critically, think and reason logically and solve complex problems. We provide the children hands on experience through well equipped math lab, science labs and computer labs. We also have resourceful language and social science labs. We also organize frequent competitions like debates, quizzes etc school wide. To validate from a third party that has done extensive research in the field of education and to know if the school is on the right track developing skills, encouraging thinking, questioning, analysis and higher order thinking, we also encourage our students to participate in national competitions like Spelling Bee, ASSET, International Olympiad etc. Our efforts have also have been recognized by ASSET and are featured in their 2010 brochure which is attached with this post. Thus the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are thus exposed to a larger environment and assess their abilities in relation to their counterparts in other places of the world.
The link to the brochure is given below:

Live Webcast of Atmiya Parichay

Dear Parents,

Its time for real action now!

Enjoy the Atmiya Parichay experience sitting back in your drawing room and marvelling at the little wonders of Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

Please click on the following link or copy & paste it in your web browser for live webcast of the event that shall begin from 5:30 PM onwards today, the 26th of December.


Kind regards,
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Atmiya Vidya Mandir

Email service outage

Dear Parents and Guests,

Due to unforeseen technical problems, our email system was down during the end of last week.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and would humbly request you to please re-send any emails you may have sent during last week.

Kind regards,
IT Support
Atmiya Vidya Mandir

HDFC Spell Bee Competition – India Spells 2010

To foster the basic but vital skills of students, Atmiya Vidya Mandir had participated in the HDFC standard Life Spell Bee competition – India Spells 2010 held at St. Xaviers School Ahmedabad on 15th Dec 2009. The objective behind the competition was to motivate the children to learn the language, create awareness amongst the children to learn and improve the vocabulary skill in English. Improving vocabulary skill involved improving their spellings, learn concepts, work on their vocabularies, work on their pronunciations, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.
There were two rounds in the competition, the written and the oral round respectively. In the written round, there were 100 questions, of which first 50 where multiple choice. In the first round more than 1000 students from various leading schools had participated. Only 10 out of 1000 participating students qualified for the second round. To filter the students the level of questions was set high. Our students had worked hard with help from teachers but did not qualify for the national level. Nevertheless, they had participated in the true spirit of competition and were determined to work on their short comings.
The following students were selected from our school to compete in the competition.
Sr. No Name Class
1. Ashish Amin VI
2. Sumeet Chaudhary VI
3. Vaishvik Patel VI
4. Anmol Kagrecha VII
5. Nishit Banka VII
6. Sachin Verlekar VII
7. Darsh Bhakta VIII
8. Pranshu Savani VIII
9. Suraj Patel VIII
10. Ghanshyam Dabhi IX
11. Shevin Patel IX
12. Sahishnu Patel IX

Art Mela 2009 – Helping the Child Discover Art

In order to unearth the potential in every student, Atmiya Vidya Mandir lays a great emphasis on out-of-class activities. Lots of opportunities are provided to the students through MAD (Music, Art and Dance) club, hobbies, and workshops. A three day workshop cum art fair was organized from 26th November to 28th November for the students of class I to class IX, where students were offered training in many artistic discipline:- art and design-drawing, painting and clay modeling. Students were encouraged to showcase their creations, demonstrating their skills.

Experts and artists from PIDILITE, (which is a well known company to build creativity through drawing and painting) were invited to hold a workshop. This three days workshop was coined around the concept of individual development in an atmosphere that is both pleasing and accepted by every child. Students were given hand on experience of mask making, modern art and clay molding which are organized to inspire and instill aesthetic sense.

The various activities like coloring, engraving, paper mache helped students build self esteem as they take pride in the works of art they create. These activities help to develop their problem solving skills, especially when faced with three dimension problems such as sculpting. Moreover, a fifteen days exclusive workshop on pottery making is being conducted for which a special artist is hired and a pottery machine is set up to train the students. Pottery making on the pottery machine help children to improve their sensory awareness and improve their manual dexterity.

Appreciating works of art is as important as encouraging the child to take up art. Regardless of whether a child is a budding artist, or merely likes to look at pictures, this kind of workshop help to get the creative juices flowing. Children, at different ages, are found to appreciate different aspects of art during this workshop.

Gyanodaya 2009

Quizzes are interesting phenomena! The one who is ‘grilled’ enjoys being ‘grilled’ and at the same time gains knowledge and more importantly – confidence out of the process. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why quizzes have gained popularity, especially in the field of education.

One such entertaining, grilling, full of learning opportunities event was organised by the Science and Social Science departments at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The event, held on the 5th of December 2009, was titled as ‘Gyanodaya 09’ – marking the ascent of knowledge.

The creative teachers had carefully chosen interesting and challenging questions related to both the subjects, with students being the ultimate beneficiary. The event was quite lively and there were many moments like those in the final overs of a 20-20 match! There were two divisions in the event – the Juniors (Std I to IV) and the Seniors (Std V to IX). For each division there were four teams selected with a student from each class of the division. The teams were named after inspiring people who made their mark in the history. Below are the enthusiasts that took part this time around:
Juniors Competition
Aryabhatta: Smit (I), Taarak (II), Nirav (III), Suraj (IV A), Sneh (IV B)
Galileo: Niel (I), Harshil G (II), Kashyap (III), Nimit (IV A), Het (IV B)
Neil Armstrong: Manav (I), Megh (II), Viraj (III), Smit (IV A), Dhanvin (IV B)
Rakesh Sharma: Niramay (I), Param (II), Smit (III), Yathansh (IV A), Pranesh (IV B)

Seniors Competition
Aryabhatta: Jay (V C), Prashant (VI B), Love (VII B), Sagar (VIII A), Parth (IX)
Galileo: Dhwanit (V A), Vaishvik (VI B), Deepak (VII B), Abhishek (VIII A), Purva (IX)
Neil Armstrong: Taran (V B), Sumit (VI A), Anmol (VII A), Vinay (VIII A), Ghanshyam (IX)
Rakesh Sharma: Nikunj (V B), Utkarsh (VI A), Nishit (VII A), Karma (VIII A), Aniruddh (IX)

The quiz had five rounds – General, Mixed Bag (that contained a plethora of questions), Clue, Visual and Rapid Fire.

The participants were full of passion – both for gaining knowledge and for setting higher benchmarks of winning. In the Juniors Competition, quite interestingly, the Aryabhatta and Galileo teams shared the winners’ position. In the Seniors Competition the Neil Armstrong team emerged as the winner while the Aryabhatta team had to be satisfied by the runner’s up position. It was a nail-biting finish in the Seniors’ as both the teams were tied till the last round – the Rapid Fire which proved to be the decider!

The show was impressively handled by the quiz masters, Mr Anand and Ms Samidh who by their humour and presence of mind held the audience captive throughout the event. This event also formally inaugurated the state-of-the-art Auditorium of the School.